Waste of my time!!!

I am totally feed-up with Prezi. I spent hours putting in the data and cannot get a pathway to save beyond half of the data. I have tried extending and saving the pathway 3 times. Now as I try yet again to extend the pathway I get an explanation mark telling me to install Flash 10 or higher which I already have. The Flanagan Art Prize will not open at all when located by Prezi members - everyone gets an explanation mark now! Thanks for wasting my time! Jo Tate (joint editing with Caitlan Bennett)

Hello Jo,

I’m sorry to hear that Prezi didn’t work as expected for you. This exclamation mark error is not a Prezi error though, but a generic one from Flash. It indicates memory problems, which can result from either over-sized prezi content (see http://prezi.com/learn/insert-images/ and http://prezi.com/learn/insert-video/ for the format and size limits of multi-media files in Prezi) or from a corrupted installation of the Adobe Flash plugin. Upgrading/re-installing it usually helps.

Can you please share the URL of the problematic prezi, then I can investigate directly for possible error sources in the prezi itself. This could help us improve prezi, to meet your needs. Thanks and kind regards,


Thanks for your reply - a relief to get anyone who might at the 23 hour be able to help.



hope these are what you need to see what is going on?


It’s not the 23 hour in my time zone :wink:

Your prezi is about 90MB large, containing many large images. Depending on the computer that tried to run it, it might have simply been a problem of too weak CPU, graphics or RAM hardware.

There are also a few images, that exceed the 2880x2880 resolution limit. Please try replacing them with lower-res versions. If you can’t edit anymore at all, please let me know and I will delete those images from the Prezi’s XML code.

Kind regards,