Watermark with "Prezi" randomly appears

Randomly and consistently the watermark feature causes “Prezi” to appear. This sometimes happens when you open a presentation for editing using the Prezi Next desktop with Windows 10. I never asked to add a watermark but sometimes it appears. As a workaround I have to make sure the watermark is deleted.

Can you please fix this defect?

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Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for mentioning this, it seems like there might be an issue with the watermark, and our developers are looking into this.

Does this also happen when you open the presentation from the browser version or only when you open it from the desktop application?

I don’t use the browser based version too much (due to performance and feature variances) so I haven’t seen it, but does not mean it’s there.

Thanks, @JJ_JJ, we are looking into this and will update this thread once we have any news.

I can confirm that. In my last work there is now a watermark in the lower left corner. Browser and desktop app. I deleted it.
Greetings Philipp

Hi @Philipp, could you please send me the link of this project so I can investigate this a bit further?

Hi Bart, here you are, I have sent you a message.
But remember I have deleted the Prezi watermark.


I have the same problem.
You can delete the logo in the desktop version. I was able to delete the logo in the desktop version

Hi everyone, our team is checking on the watermark feature already and I’m channelling your feedback to them to help the investigation. :slight_smile:

FYI - Today I copied some pages from one presentation into another. After the copy, the Prezi watermark decided to appear again.

Hi @JJ_JJ, could you please let me know if the Watermark appeared on the presentation you were copying from or to?
Were you using the desktop application or the web version?

Appeared on the presentation copying TO. The FROM source continues to not not have a watermark.

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I have the same issue with the watermark. In addition the watermark function doesnt work very well with the viewer app on other devices. Their you get an ugly background color on the watermark…
By using an individual watermark it sometimes disappears in the working mode, than you have to close the prezi and open it up again.

Thanks, @J_L for sharing, I’ve forwarded it to our product team so they can look into this further.

Watermarks are a presentation antipattern anyways: https://vimeo.com/68327322