WAV Files won't convert when uploaded (Error #2562)

.wav files won’t convert. Hello, I am trying to upload some voiceovers to my prezi, and I keep getting a “something went wrong” error indicating technical details #2562. My 10 year old son is supposed to present this prezi in class tomorrow, and I just can’t get it done. Very disappointing. Please help?

Dear Audrey Jung,

I have tested your account and prezis and they are working well for me.

Please follow these steps:

  • update your adobe air/flash
  • update your browser
  • check your firewall’s settings (change the settings that can affect any traffic between Prezi and your computer)

If these thing won’t solve your problem, I have to get more information about the it to find the source.
Please let me know which platform are you using (Mac/Pc) and which browser.

Warm Regards and Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz

Thank you for getting back to me! I converted the .wav files to ,mp3 on the advice of a friend - those seemed to work. I am using a PC, and I attempted the process on three browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Explorer. None seemed to work. Adobe Flash is at its most updated, but I am not sure about the firewall settings - I will look into that.

I was wondering if the problem was due to file size? Are there limits?

Dear Audrey Jung,

There is no file size limit for the sound files.
The wav files might have some codec problems which were disappeared by converting them.
If you have problem with any file format please try the same format from a different source to filter out such problems.

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz

I have the same problem. On the prezi website, they note that they support .wav files and files coming from the android app “Smart Voice Recorder”, yet it is not showing up on my presentation! I’m very frustrated. I don’t understand why the website says it’s compatible when I keep getting an error message.

Hello Lauren Renteria,

there may be something about the Wav file that Prezi does not like (what is the error message?) - you could try loading and saving it again in a different sound editing programme and importing it again in a different format (MP3) to see if this helps



Dear developers!
I struggle with the same issue, only it sometimes accepts the wav files but in other cases not.
I’ll try to explain. After finishing the upload a ‘Converting’ phase begins which takes ages and usually at the end in an error message like this:

As you can see there’s another audio file right on the next path step.
I tried a few times to upload it and it succeeded after a couple of error messages of the same kind.
What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance!

I’m finding the same issue…  from BOTH apps that Prezi even recommends in their “How to add a Voice Over” tutorial…  Please fix this…

Hello. I have the same problem. I’m trying to upload some voiceover too… and can’t upload .aac Files. I don’t know what to do. I tried everythig… I wanted to test if it upload .mp3 files and it didn’t work too.
could you please help me?

Hi Vera, 
I am also having this problem. Did the solution above work for anyone??

need help prezi doesn’t support me to attach any voice files I update all the sitting and allows pop up but still doesn’t work.