We officially abandon Prezi

Dear All,

After using Prezi for 10 years, we have officially decided to abandon Prezi due to the bad performance of Prezi Next in terms of user friendliness, features and portability. It is really a bad solution, so we have decided to move to Google Sheets, unwillingly, but pushed to do it by Prezi.




Emm -
Don’t give up on it yet! The Prezi Next launch had a rocky start. It didn’t have nearly the quality of features and usability as the old Prezi Classic. But look at the features they’ve added since. In just the past few months they’ve added a photo editor, story blocks, a PowerPoint converter, and a HUGE collection of photos and icons. They’ve improved their interface and loosened controls on topic covers and placement.

Prezi hasn’t done a really good job informing users of these features or teaching them how to use them. If you want to learn how to get the most out of Prezi Next, visit my website, www.teachmeprezi.com. I’ve got some articles, online courses, and videos. I also do private training and consulting.

Robin, Certified Independent Prezi Trainer

Dear @Emmanuel_Frenck, we are very sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Prezi, could you please provide us with some more details about the issues you were experiencing? We would gladly assist you with this and are looking forward for your reply. Thanks, Prezi Support Team

I think the situation is more or less same everywhere. Even though Robin is trying to salvage the situation by promoting her site, I am sure deep down she and every prezi staff knows it’s a sinking ship. In fact within this short period initial prezi staffs like Vera, Vanda all gone. If you look at their facebook page now hardly anyone makes a comment, they started to share apple’s communication style! I remember the days back with prezi classic when you can show and wow the audience so easily. I think very near future this is going to be a case study how a successful commercial product drove itself down the street by not listening to the customers. Right now only people left who are using prezi classic. The day it will be gone, most of the user base will also left. I know the above sounds very negative and frustrating, but it is equally frustrating when you show your Next work to customers and they are NOT impressed at all. And you do all over it again prezi classic or in worst cases power point. We did our part to promote it, we have been paying for it since it’s inception. But it just doesn’t work. Just doesn’t. Sorry Prezi Next, you have been a disappointment along with your developers.


I feel your pain Emmanuel. Last year, my Supervisor saw a Prezi presentation and asked me to try it out. After building my first project, I I realized how quickly Prezi bogs down and becomes unusable.It’s quirky and unstable which I have no tolerance for. Add to that, it chokes on some browsers and limited/secure networks to the point of useless. I seriously doubt we’ll renew our license.

For a platform with such incredible potential, I am disappointed to see it simply die on the vine.

If I sound bitter, I am. I fought through the instability of Prezi and built a project that wowed my superiors, only to disappoint them when they found it did not work across our (military) computers and network.

I would love to see it work reliably, but I’m afraid in its current version, it’s just not ready for prime time.