Web link not working in my prezi

I am trying to put in a web page link into Prezi but then when I click on it in presentation mode, a window comes up that the page couldn’t be found. The link works just fine anywhere else. I have also made sure to add the http part of the website as well. The link has a line under it when I typed it into Prezi so It seems to understand that it should be a web page.  I have tried several different websites and none of them work.

I have a similar problem. I am linking to a google folder and a google doc and the link isn’t working. I have the google doc and folder on “complete share to the web” type of sharing, but it still doesn’t work… Please help me!

here is my prezi http://prezi.com/2pynfgdpbhnb/?utm_ca…

I have tried prezi in the past and I am ALWAYS dissappointed! Please help here or I will honestly never try it again… I spend hours trying to make it work but I am quitting so so sooN!

Here is the link https://prezi.com/2xrfvrum3qck/laboratory-instruction/

So more information about it, I finally got other links to work but the page about “webquests” doesn’t work and I have tried other webquest websites.  So now I am wondering if it is an issue with webquest?

Hey Sarah - I tried regenerating and repasting that Google Doc link in the Prezi and it worked perfectly for me: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ir88aC8xsWjTvXWrh5O2KyIUw_0rzXJbQkIMtDMzW5Q/edit?usp=sharing

Not sure what was wrong with the first link but the second one seems to work fine. See my copy here: https://prezi.com/fi9k34qykouq/view/

Happy Prezi-ing, cheers!

Well I very much thank you for your help in this, as your help has restored my faith in Prezi… but I can’t get the links to work. I see the one link you fixed does work on your copy that you made, but when I retry it in mine, it doesn’t work. And all of the links in the ice cream cone (yours and mine) do not work. Sigh…

I replied with the link to the email you sent me and saw that Sarah got a response before me so I posted the link here.  Can someone please look at it?  I really need this for Monday. 

For each Google doc link you’ve shared, open the original link you pasted and when the Google Doc opens, click on “File - Share” and then copy and paste that link into Prezi instead of the ones you currently have. Works perfectly for me when you follow that procedure.

I looked at the text box with your hyperlink it in and it had a few spaces after the WebQuest url and an “enter” so Prezi was seeing those as part of the link it appears. Delete the extra characters after your link or just repaste the link without anything after the url and it will work for you. Cheers!

Example: https://prezi.com/fg97llbtcjal/view/

PS - that’s a nicely designed Prezi! 

It appears you both had the same issue: you had an extra space or two after the URL in your text box so Prezi was getting confused and including those spaces in the URL lookup - which is why it was generating an invalid link. Once you open the link text box and delete / backspace to the end of the link, everything works normally. Happy Prezi-ing, cheers!

Thank you so much!  It is my first try at using Prezi, never used it before but it has been fun.  Thanks for the compliment!

Hi, some of the links i have inserted do not work while some links work, though they are from the same website

This has all ready been taken care of by Luke.  Thanks!

A link in my Prezi is not working. I’ve checked and it is not the spaces issue. 

I’ve also had this issue with other Prezis. The link works fine (https://www.cdp.net/en/articles/media/companies-blind-to-climate-risks-in-half-their-supply-chains) but the link that opens is this: https://prezi.com/url/?target=http://www.cdp.net/en/articles/media/companies-blind-to-climate-risks-…

Please advise? 

Thank you - it’s working now :slight_smile: