WebView2 component is missing

Recently I could not use the Prezi Video app, it has been showing an error which says “Your computer is missing the WebView2 component”. I uploaded some images of the error caused. If I click on “click here” nothing happens it continues with a network problem.

Please help me to solve these errors and start using Prezi video normally on my computer.

Hi @Aurora_Plaku, if you click on “here” it should open a website with your default browsers which would allow you to download the missing component.

Could you please send me a screenshot of what happens if you click on here?
Could you also tell me when this message is shown exactly?

Hi, we followed the steps by clicking on “click here” and it showed an internet error, screenshot shown below

Further more due to some limitation to our Organisation network we decided to follow these steps in outside network. we downloaded the missing setup of the component and we transfered this setup in our inner network by using an USB. Still the setup could not be installed it showed another error , screenshot below

we really need a solution for this problem

Hi @Aurora_Plaku, thanks for the further information.

It looks like the issue is related to your internal network’s firewall. The Webview2 component is unable to install properly, I would advise you to check on the issue with your IT technicians.

This article is related to Prezi Video but might be helpful with your installation issue as well. Please note, however, that the WebView component is a Microsoft issued component, so it might need different adjustments to your firewall.