welcome screen endless loop

have created a prezi account and am trying to create a presentation on iMac but can’t get past the welcome screen or even click on the “get started” button. any ideas on how to resolve?


I have the exact same problem : I’ve created an account but I can’t go past the “Welcome” screen to access my dashboard.
When I click on the “Start” button, it does nothing :no loading or anything else.
Flash Player is enabled and my browser is updated.

I can go everywhere else on the website, except to my own dashboard…

Any idea why ?

Thanks for helping me.

Hello Vera,

my browser is the last update version of Firefox. I don’t have any other browser installed and I don’t wish to, Firefox usually works perfectly fine.
I’ve found an URL that allows me to create new prezis directly; and when I’m done, I save the prezi’s URL in my browser.

Thanks for your help.

Hello - I have this very same issue. Other people had to have this? It’s like it’s waiting for me to activate Flash, or something, but I cannot do anything. I just continuously click “START” and nothing happens. Frustrating…has anyone resolved this issue?

Me tooooo!!!  how can I start using the program?

Hi, I had the same issue, found out that add-blocker and Ghostry add ons had to do with it. When switching these off the button works properly.

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