What about animating Text.

Sometimes it is very useful to have less text “written” in. and afterwards followed by an other text “tipped” in.

Hi Hubert,

while this can of course be useful, we thought that we would rather keep the program simple, and just ask our users to play with size, position to create effects like hiding, surprise, etc.

It would add a LOT to have this as a tool in presentations!

please don’t impose simplicity on all of us… we are not ALL Apple users!!!

hehe - nice comment. frankly, neither are we…

any user request we get is really helpful to define the route we take.
but we prefer to understand what you would use it for, rather then trying to mimic existing solution, part of which are great, while others are not that great.

so, if your time allows, could you please describe some contexts, use cases where you would need text animation?

My vision is to zoom through very complicated graphics / slides / charts … and at various points in time, certain text needs to “appear” – in the right location – so as to facilitate my talking points and highlight points of interest. It would be far too cluttered to have all of this text present simultaneously; thus, I need some method to hide and animate text and shapes, as needed.
I don’t think this can realistically be achieved by creative use of paths and hiding.

I agree with Ian Shakil. My team needs to represent relationships between 9 people in our presentation. Thats 82 one way relationships. Quite a lot!

We wanted to have arrows pop up between them at specific points, but it isn’t possible. We could potentially create a new set of images for every point, but thats quite a bit of work.

This video shows a prefect use of this ability. There are far more applications I would think.

YES Exactly - the ability to ‘build’ or animate text as well as zoom and rotate via the path process would take prezi to a whole new level of functionality - usefulness for teachers and people presenting text heavy presentations! PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!!!

Take a look a GoAnimate (http://goanimate.com/) I am SO PRO to kept simplicity, so I think this application shows how to kep animation (a very difficult issue) so simple.
It would be nice to be able and do some presentations (or video.mmm another idea…) that uses animation like Whoknew from Yahoo (http://whoknew.news.yahoo.com/)

I am making a presentation right now for english, and I need to hold suspense for  text. I saw that you can animate pictures, but not words.