What are the file size limitations for Prezi Next?


I can’t see any info on your site. Can I insert many pictures and long videos to my prezi?



Technically, there aren’t any size limitations for any inserted media files.

To ensure that your prezi runs smoothly, please check the System requirements.



I just rented a workstation with the following specifications:

Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 6-Core
64GB DDR4-Arbeitsspeicher
NVIDIA Quadro K5000

I run into the same problem I had with my Lenovo T460p with 16GB:

After inserting about 300 pages (pdf), in addition to some 70 or so pictures, the program stops working. It’s not my hardware, it’s the program. What are the limitations and what can I do to finalize my Prezi?

Thanks, Johannes



In my experience, PDFs bog things down. Have you tried converting the PDFs to JPGs before inserting? I can see that for 300 pages it would be quite an undertaking, but it might be something to try if nothing else helps!