What are the system requirements for Prezi Present?

What are the system requirements for Prezi NEXT? We are not allowed to run flash on our machines at work, however as I understands that is no longer an issue with NEXT, right? But what other requirements do you have?
Thank you

You can find them here. Hope this helps.

When embedding Prezi on a page and trying to load the page in Internet Explorer 11, we only see the shield icon for cookie preferences. The Prezi itself does not load. The console shows a syntax error, undefined identifier and expected object errors in the JavaScript

We use an iFrame like this to embed the Prezi:

<iframe webkitallowfullscreen="1" mozallowfullscreen="1" allowfullscreen="1" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" src="//prezi.com/view/xxxxxx/embed" > 

Hi @Support_aNewSpring, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Internet Explorer is not a supported browser by Prezi, please check the comment above for the system requirements of Prezi.

Hi. I nave a question. Does the website prezi.com work on Windows 7?

Hello @Gabriel_Sanzari, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

These are the minimum requirements to run Prezi Present with Windows:

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit) or newer with updated drivers and DirectX 9 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: Minimum of 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 405 / AMD Radeon 5000 or higher with 512 MB memory (or comparable)

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

When I start using Prezi my computer Mac start increase the fan noise which means the my computer has overheat? What should I do?

Hi @Alanoud_Alfaghom, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please check the system requirements for Prezi Present above. Please note that as Prezi is a graphically intense application it can use such resources that the fans of your device are switching to a higher performance mode.

This happens in order to avoid overheating.

Hope this helps!