What counts as a prezi view?

Hi - I noticed a while back that the number of views for my presentation http://prezi.com/eg4ekpmdsokq/the-ide… went from over 1500 to under 700. The number is back up again, but I am wondering if counting could have started over at some point? Like maybe if I made an edit or something? If so, is there anywhere I could view the entire number of views for all versions?

Hi Kelly,

Editing your prezi shouldn’t affect the number of views.  So the number of views gives the number of all views since the creation of your prezi.  Maybe you were looking at a copy of your prezi.

I can see that it’s almost 2000 now :slight_smile:

Happy zooming and counting

Hello Adam,

I have a question. How does the views on my Prezi work? Does it include the number of times I login, the number of times people that have access to the prezi login to edit? The prezi is private and I am curious as to how I have views that I am not authourizing.
Also, if someone saved a copy of my prezi before I made it private, does making it private still allow them to continue to view it?
Can we get an audit trail as to who is viweing the prezi? Just like we know who viewed our profile on LInkedIn?

I will appreciate your respone.


Did you ever find out if this is possible? I’m particularly interested in stats for iPad.

I also wonder the same question. Did they ever get back to you?

Hi Vera, 

Thank you for your answer. However, does it matter if you have the prezi embedded in another website? 
I did a test: I viewed the prezi in this other website and then I went to edit the prezi on the prezi website; still the numbers viewed had not changed. 
How come? 

Best Anneli 

Hello  Im interested if you can track the number of views, are there more stats attached behind the number of views a pre4senation receives



What determines a “view”? Clicks on link? Completing the Prezi? Also, does Prezi gather any other statistical information about Prezi visits?

Hi Vera,
I’m interested in the same data than Plum Financial services, in my case I’d like to know if is it possible to know from which city the prezi are viewed.


Yes, it would be extremely helpful if we could see who has viewed our presentations.  Statistics around “views” would be of great value.

Hello. I would be interested in the same things this thread is dealing with:
1, What counts as a prezi view? The finished loading of a presentation; the view of the last slide; the view of all slides in a single session; any other metrics.
2, Do you count views for embedded presentations?
3, Do you have data about where the presentations were viewed from (what cities), the average time spent on each slide and/or the whole presentation, the source of visits for the presentations, at which slide do we lose visitors (bounce rate for slides, so that we can edit a certain slide for the whole presentation to perform better) or any other useful information regarding viewers’ behaviour?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you Vera! Please let us know when additional data about presentations becomes available. Until then keep up the good work! Have a nice day!