What happens to my Edu Enjoy account after the trial?


I signed up for your service today, so im on the 30 day trial, after i signed i alterted my account and signed up through eduenjoy, i was just wondering what happens when the 30 days are over? will i still be able to use the service at all? i mean for editing and presentations?

so with my current edu enjoy license i will be able to create and edit prezis online? untill you have a valid educational email adress? that means as long as i study i will be able to use my edu enjoy license? i really like this program, however my current funds are limited, i dont want to learn this awesome presentation tool only to realize i can only use it for 30 days :).

hufff i am in a great trouble i have the prezi desktop version i just update the version from 5 to 6 like this now i can not sign in help me plz tomorrow i have presentation

itsay youraccount is associated with … like thistype of error