What happens to prezis if I cancel my subscription/trial?

I was wondering what happens to saved prezis if one cancels the subscription during the free trial. Would I be able to edit prezis in the future if I pay for subscription at a later date?

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After your license has expired, the presentations you’ve created will remain in your account but you will no longer be able to edit them or create new presentations.

To edit an existing presentation on an expired account, you will need to either renew or downgrade your account to a Basic license.

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I had to cancel my Prezi Plus subscription but am afraid of loosing my current presentations. Is there a way to transfer my current presentations to a new account before I lose access to edit them?


@Kylie_Leslie if you don’t intend to keep your subscription, you can still keep your presentations after you downgraded your license. You will still be able to edit them but won’t have access to Plus features.

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I’d like to cancel my subscription, but it says I have to agree that my presentations will become “viewable to anyone on the web.” I don’t want that at all! It is important the presentation stays private. Can I delete it after I cancel my subscription?

@Mary_Catherine_Maren, I have merged your post to a relevant thread. Please know that if you cancel your subscription without downgrading to a Basic license, your presentations will remain private.

If I don’t lose my privacy settings, then why do I have to agree to making my presentations “viewable to anyone on the web” ?
I’d upload a screen shot of it if I could, but this is what it says:

“Are you sure you want to go?
Before canceling your subscription, you must agree to the following:
[check box] Your presentations will become viewable to anyone on the web.”

@Mary_Catherine_Maren there’s a difference between the canceled/expired and downgraded license. Until your license is expired/canceled, your presentations are in a sort of hibernate mode, they won’t change their privacy but you also won’t be able to edit them.

Once you choose to downgrade to Basic, your presentations will become public. You can choose to delete these anytime you don’t want them to be available.

ok, thanks!

I understand that I cannot edit my presentation after I cancel a free trial subscription, but can I present that prezi after the trial period has been canceled? If so, will the features that are created using the premium access still be active in the prezi ?

After the free trial is over, as @Vanda mentioned above, your account goes into a “frozen” state where you can present your work (with no feature loss, the presentation remains as it was created) but you cannot create or edit. To be able to create or edit you would need to either downgrade to a Basic license or renew the subscription and pay for a Standard/Plus/Premium license.

Can you also confirm if my account was canceled?
See it for me, please?

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@Tereza_Polackova, the subscription has been canceled.

After my free trial ends, will I be able to see my Prezi presentatios (whitout editing it)?

@Alessandro_Cesa I’ve merged your question to the thread discussing the same scenario, please see our answers above.

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Just a quick question on the portable *.exe prezi downloaded. If the subscription is not renewed after free trail, will the portable *.exe stop working? Since it is a stand alone file, it would still work right? Thanks.