What instructions do you include when sending prezi link to clients, prospects, etc?


I can tell from my analytics, that when sales prospects open my prezi, they get stuck. Many cases show they’re on page 1 for 1-2 minutes, then nothing else. When sending the prezi link to sales prospects, clients, etc. that aren’t familiar with Prezi, what instructions do you include in your email?


The first thing I request is that they attempt to view in their Chrome browser. (Any time anyone has an issue, that’s the first thing I ask about = browser choice. It simply doesn’t function as smoothly in any others, in my experience.) I’ve never asked anyone to download the Prezi app, but it might not be a bad idea?

The second thing I mention is to simply give them their “slide advancement” options, meaning something like:
“Once you click on the link and press Play to begin the presentation, you can navigate through the provided information in 3 easy ways- 1/ (laptop/desktop) your left & right keyboard arrow keys will take you fwd & backward as needed, 2/ (laptop/desktop) if you hover your mouse cursor towards the bottom of your screen, left/right arrows will appear and you can use those in the same way you’d use your keyboard arrow keys, or (mobile version) if you tap the left & right sides of your viewing screen, and 3/ the most interesting way to view is by clicking any topic bubble on screen to view that information in any order (single-clicking a bubble will zoom in and show you its contents on desk/laptops, double-clicking does so in mobile) and you can continue clicking to delve deeper &/or use arrow functions in combination. Feel free to play around & let me know if you have any questions!”

I didn’t really copy & paste from my emails, above is an off-the-cuff summary, so it might be worded differently to sound better depending on who you’re communicating with, but you get the picture. I basically try to outline the tools and hope they catch on. Analytics are fantastic for letting me know about getting stuck, just as you’ve noticed, so I encourage our Sales team to follow up with individuals like that maybe 24-48 hrs after their unsuccessful attempt.

How to give instructions on viewing a presentation