What is the memory limit of a Pro Prezi Account (to include approx. 30 images and 4 or 5 videos)?

Hi Everyone,

I have a Pro Prezi account and am working on a presentation for an audience of 150+ people. The presentation will have over 100 frames (to include approx. 30 images and 4 or 5 videos (each video will be approx.1 minute to 4 minutes long). Looking at the knowledgebase, there seems to be different comments about the best way to playback a presentation with lots of content such as video, frames and images. The common theme I see is to play the Prezi back on the most “powerful computer.” Otherwise, there will be performance issues (e.g. play back or animation will lag or even crash) … I cannot afford a crash in front of 150+ people for this presentation).

A few questions:

  1. From reading the forum comments, is playback using the desktop application more stable than using a browser? I would think the desktop would be more stable, but it seems that using Firefox or Chrome is more stable. Comments?
  2. What is the maximum file size that the Prezi can be before there are performance issues? … and where can I see the file size of the Prezi? Do I need to download it to find out, or is there some other way to determine this?
  3. Is there a way to apply a hyperlink to a word in the Prezi that will direct the presenter to a website as you can in Word? I can include the URL in the Prezi and it will direct the presenter to the website, but it looks a little sloppy in the presentation to include a long path to the website.

Any feedback is appreciated! Looking forward to reviewing feedback.

Thanks everybody


Thanks Paul!

That is a brilliant trick! I didn’t even think about that (making the hyperlink the same color as the background).

Thanks for that feedback, you just helped improve my presentation with that little nugget of knowledge!