What is the plural of Prezi?

After some debate and research, I’ve seen people use the word Prezis as the plural of Prezi, but I’d like to suggest that “a Prezi” is in fact an invariable noun with an irregular plural form. For example; “I will choose the best Prezi from the list of six Prezi”


Thanks for bringing this up, @Jon_Stanesby!

In our official communication we say presentation (and presentations in plural), and only use Prezi when we want to address the company itself.

Too funny, and to think I’ve been using Prezi/Prezis all wrong this whole time! :thinking::joy: Chances are I’ll continue my “bad habit” of refering to a presentation as a Prezi, I’ll be honest. My issue is: do I capiltalize it or not??


@Plastic_Ingenuity we understand that it feels very intuitive to call your presentations “prezis”, sometimes even we make this mistake. :grinning:

According to our official guidelines, Prezi with a capital P stands for the company and the products (Prezi Classic/Prezi Next).

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Language is a living and evolving thing - if “the people” call the presentation created by the Prezi application “a prezi” - then embrace it!

@Vanda - surely, what one creates with Prezi is SOOOO much more than a presentation… or a story… or an experience… or a journey… its a… prezi :wink:

@Plastic_Ingenuity - I would suggest then, that is should be lowercase so as not to be confused by Prezi, the company.

Now, what about a collective noun? If you have a flock of birds, and a herd of cattle, you should have a ____ of prezi

Fill in the blank :slight_smile:

and yes - you do make that mistake… the button in the UI for the Prezi Next app shows the text [+ New prezi] - We should speak to the Oxford English Dictionary people and get it added as an official noun

and in the FILTERS there is an option at the top “All prezis” - which I suppose answers my original question :smile:

Geez frank, check out the razzle dazzle of prezis that featured at ACME’s user conference last week!


Woah there ‘Jon_Stanesby’, I’ve just noticed that elsewhere on this very forum, folks are talking about “Prezi Nexts” and “Prezi Classics” perhaps those are the correct plurals?

Example usage:
“I have a razzle dazzle of Prezi Classics here that I need to convert so that I can store them beside my Prezi Nexts, is that a supported behavior?”

I have a storytelling of prezis here! And I tend to believe it should be like passersby, so prezis Classic and prezis Next? Or switch it up; Classic prezis & Next prezis?


Well a collection of books is a library, and a collection of stories is a anthology - maybe an anthology of prezi (i am staying firm on the plural being prezi).

I don’t know what to do with the prezi nexts or classics though. maybe its actually possessive? The prezi belongs to Next or Classic? so my Prezi Next’s prezi are stored in a different anthology to my Prezi Classic’s prezi.

Trouble is, once you go down the ‘possessive’ road, it takes you to some weird places… following your logic we’d have to refer to the relationship between other software and its output similarly…

“Please send me all of your Microsoft Word’s Documents”

“The Joint Photographic Expert Group’s photos from your wedding are all stored on the flash drive”

“Hey Tiff, why did you send me this Tagged Image File Format’s photo, I thought TIFF was dead?”

Very amusing discussion thread!

In my training documents and videos I have standardized on prezi and prezis when referring to the Prezi project itself. When discussing the specific app, I use Prezi Classic presentation and Prezi Next presentation.

You won’t find PowerPoint listed in a dictionary as “a visual display of a presentation” but it is common vernacular to refer to it as a PowerPoint. As in: “I’m sick of looking at all those PowerPoints, I like to watch prezis instead.”


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The reality is probably most people call them prezis so doesn’t really matter what you at Prezi say we should do - and I know you’ll have style/comms guides you have to follow, but everyone I know who uses Prezi calls them prezis.

It’s good, it works. Distinguishes them from boring PowerPoints.
Be proud of your prezis. Always raises a smile :slight_smile: