What is the Portable Prezi's file extension?

Trying to decide which subscription to purchase, and I’m wondering what the file extension will be on a “Portable” Prezi? The support articles on this note that a regular Prezi file is in a PEZ format, but they don’t mention the file format and extension of the Portable Prezi, only that its a self contained file.

Hi Stephanie Langlois,

yes, the downloaded editable version of your Prezi for ‘Prezi Desktop’ has a .pez extension and is only suitable for using in the Desktop editor - the portable Prezi (self contained with its own player / not editable in Prezi Desktop) comes downloaded as a .zip file.

The zip file comes downloaded as a compressed file (to save size) and will need a third party programme to ‘upzip’ it (winzip, 7-zip, winrar etc - ask google). Once you have decompressed the file (unzipped it) you will be left with some folders and an executable file for windows and another type for Mac users. Portables are very large at over 100MB when you download them. https://prezi.zendesk.com/entries/224…

Hope this helps