What is the size limitation for images?


I’ve tried to insert a very large picture (8000*8000px, 806kb) in a Prezi Next presentation and the quality is really reduced between the original picture and the one inserted in Prezi and I didn’t find anywhere in the insertion popup page to change the insertion parameters. I would therefore like to know if it is possible to keep the original settings of a picture and, if not, what is the maximal size of a picture to be inserted correctly without losing in quality.
I thank you in advance for your help.

Keep original resolution of the background image

Prezi Next automatically resizes images to be 1800px. For example, if you insert an image with the 1920 x 1200 resolution, Prezi Next will resize it to 1800 × 1125. We resize images to make sure that all viewers have a smooth experience with Prezi Next - to make sure all computers can handle the presentation.

How to fix lines and arrows to the background

My nice and crispness is now pixley when I zoom in. It did not do this in Classic. How do I get the same quality of photo background in Next?


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And there is no possibility to bypass this limitation of 1800px if, for example, we want to make a presentation based on a single large image in very resolution and we want to focus on different parts of it? I didn’t find any way to import an editable picture (such as in the svg format) but does it support other editable formats (like coming from Adobe Illustrator for example)? I thank you in advance for your help. Tom


SVG images are not supported in Prezi Next, I’m afraid. Currently, you can insert JPGs, PNGs, BMPs and (non-animated) GIFs. You can also insert PDF files but not as a background image.

Vector PDF backgrounds

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Hello. This needs to be addressed. What purpose is the ZOOM feature on slides, if the background image has crappy limits on resolution. You can only fit a few slide on the background at a decent resolution that looks good. This was NOT a problem in Classic. Why go backwards in limiting higher end presentations.


We apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. We want to let you know that we hear your issues and understand that performance is vital to a smooth and efficient editing process.

We take the quality and performance of Prezi Next very seriously. That is why our development team is dedicating additional time and energy into investigating and fixing the glitches you faced while using the editor and this includes the improvement of the maximum image resolution allowed as well.


We have been hearing this line for months on all sorts of issues, not just this one. The basic fact is that Prezi is taking so long to implement your customer’s requests that you will soon not have them. We are holding out hope, but we now have a deadline for Prezi to make Next the way its customers need it to be, not just say you hear these requests. Action speaks MUCH louder than words. Once that date is gone, we are too along with all of our customers that we have been raving fans for your company. We cannot use NEXT at all with the imaging restrictions now along with so many other issues. :frowning:


Came here with the same issue. Would it be a possible workaround to break an image up into multiple high res images and stitch them together in the Prezi? Haven’t tried it yet but thinking about it.



I tried it and this works. Again, not ideal but it solved my immediate problem. - GT


I’m a new user and I too would’ve liked to use a large scale geographical map (10.000 px width) to zoom in from one location to another. But the upload is crap, can’t make up the city titles anymore and this will not work for my presentation.
Frankly, I can’t see why the Prezi team should restrict on this, and don’t understand the answer above “We resize images to make sure that all viewers have a smooth experience”. Why not leave it up to the customers to decide and allow any size of image - maybe with a short comment/hint telling that “using large images of 1800px or more may result in slow zooming”?


@mjm_muusse We understand that this restriction can be limiting for professional users aiming to add their own design elements but there is no way to predict what kind of devices your viewers will watch your presentation on and the default maximum resolution ensures that devices with the minimum system requirements can process the presentation.

10.000 px wide images would not only increase the loading time but in case of some computers/tablets/phones would not load at all (not to mention that there is no direct limitation on the number of image/video files which can also slow down the loading process) so this is why we needed to define an upper limit for the resolution.