What kind of clicker works best with Prezi?

Regarding clickers, do you have a suggestion on which model/s work best for Prezi Next…?
I have to buy one and would like to make sure…
Thank you!

@davide_luzzati We are using the Logitech Spotlight remote so we can recommend you to use this device as this is the one type we can test and offer support for if any issues may occur. Please find the relevant instructions in this article.

With a Plus license including access to the desktop application you are also able to sync your computer and mobile device and use your iOS or Android smartphone as a bluetooth remote.
Please read this article for further information.

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Thanks for kind reply, Agnes.
The article you mention is quite expensive, I see…
And yes, I know about the bluetooth sync (I have a Plus licence), but I
have problems in connecting my Android device with my mac… at the moment.


In order to help us better investigate the issue, could you provide us

  • the system specs of your computer
  • the version number of your Prezi Next desktop app
  • the version number of the Prezi Viewer app for Android
  • the Android version number runing on your phone

Thank you in advance.

Thank you very much Agnes. I fear the problem may depend on the
connection Mac-Android, not really on Prezi…
However, in case you are able to help me, here the specs:

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)
MacOS High Sierra - Version 10.13.1 (17B48)

Prezi Next Version 1.14.0 (15356)

Prezi Viewer App for Andoid: 2.6.0-11337

Phoe is a Motorola MotoG, Android version 5.1


The Logitech Spotlight is excellent and works well with Prezi Next.

@davide_luzzati The Mac + Android compatibility should not be an issue and your devices seem to meet the system requirements.

Could you please send us a screenshot displaying what you can see when you are trying to connect from the desktop app? Thanks in advance.

I’m using this cheap Kensington 33374EU clicker with Prezi Classic and Next without problem.

Hope it helps.

Hello Agnes,
thanks for help!
Here attached I am sending you two screenshots:

  1. the one in english language has been taken from my mac book air; it
    says “connecting”… but unfortunately this is stucked…
  2. the one you see in italian language is from the Prezi App in Android
    device, and it shows the same situation…


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We tested the feature with a Mac computer and an Android and the connection seemed to work fine.

In order to better investigate the issue, could you maybe test the feature with a different phone+same computer and also with the same phone+different computer? This would help us locate the source of the problem. Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot Agnes, you’ve been very kind with this check.
I will try some additional tests as per your suggestion.

Kindest regards,

I was about to present my Prezi when I realized the Prezi wasn’t responding to my clicker. I checked to see if the clicker would work for Google Slides and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s Prezi that isn’t functioning correctly. My clicker was compatible. I am hoping this will be fixed, otherwise, I will have to transfer everything to Google Slides. :sob:

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience @Brenda_Calvillo, could you tell me what type of clicker you were attempting to use?

Have you also tried using your phone as a clicker?

I’d been using this clicker for the past few weeks so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be compatible all of a sudden. I’ve tried using my phone and it doesn’t work, plus I prefer not to take out my phone because I share the clicker. Like I mentioned earlier, I’d been using this one for the past few weeks with no issues. I also realized the transitions when I change slides seems laggy. I liked being able to see the prezi move to the next part of the slide. I think that’s what made it unique. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hello, I’ve tested my clicker with prezi this morning. It seems to be up and running as normal. Thank you for your help and promptness. I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the update @Brenda_Calvillo, happy to hear that the issue has been resolved!

Please let us know if you are experiencing the same problem in the future or if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Hi everyone,

I saw in several topics that Logitech Spotlight / R400 were supported par Prezi Next,
Unfortunately, R400 is no longer distributed by Logitech,
Logitech Spotlight is a quite bit expansive

So, i wonder if you already tested Logitech R500 as clicker device in Prezi,

Thanks for your feedbacks !

Hi @JoRo,
Sure, we can also recommend you to use Logitech R500 as a clicker device :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

I am using Logitech Spotlight for Prezi, this device is amazing and best in 2019 . You can read about it on this post https://reviewspack.com/best-presentation-clickers/

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