What makes Prezi unique, and why I can't use it...

The ability to create a drill-down view from high level to details is BRILLIANT.   

We need more presentations that take advantage of this for explaining the big picture and keeping the details clear within it.   Think of using Prezi to document a system design… software architecture… circuit schematic… using nested frames.

There are really just two reasons I don’t even try to use Prezi for these things:

  1. The navigation paths are strictly linear, just like in PPT.  I don’t know how to make a Prezi where I can jump up a level, then back down another branch, or to navigation from frame to one of the adjacent ones.     A “jump to path #” or even an “up” navigation button would be enough.

  2. Search and replace text.  If we change the name of something in the design… 

These are both general-purpose features that would open up a lot of new uses.    

Great ideas!  And I’ve had to back out of Prezi for multiple appearances now because they don’t have presentation view for the “comfort monitor” on a screen onstage.  Prezi will catch on bigtime when it can do that, and it’s why so few speaking agencies have ever heard of Prezi.  I’m frequently the only person who has ever requested the ability to do it, or ever mentioned it to anyone in the speaking industry.  I’m pretty amazed that this feature isn’t top of the list of must-create features.

Bjorn, I really agree. I use Prezi as one of my primary note-taking tools in medical school. It allows me to basically compile a large map of pathologies, pulling from 5-10 different sources with high quality images, all in one place. It’s cumbersome, though, when I want to review these maps with the linear slide setup frequently shifting me around where I don’t want to go. Searchable type would be really helpful. I haven’t found any other application or software to do this, so I’m stuck here but really looking for solutions.

Scoots, I imagine you’ve tried mind mapping tools, like XMind?   They’re good for drill-down outlines of text and pictures, though not so much for presentations…