What plan do I need to download as PDF?

I’m not sure what plan I need to subscribe to in order to download presentations as PDFs. The Support page at

says to have a “Plus” or higher plan, but the plans available are called “Enjoy,” “Pro,” and “Pro Plus,” while on the Support pages, the plans are listed at “Basic,” “Standard,” “Plus,” “Premium,” and “Edu Plus.”

Maybe they just forgot to update this pretty important part of their website?

Hi @Daniel_Ryley, the Enjoy, Pro and Pro Plus are Prezi Classic plans. Pro and Pro Plus plans have the PDF export feature.

The Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium, Edu Plus plans that are mentioned in the article are Prezi Next licenses. In Next “Plus or higher” licenses will have this feature. I hope this helped, let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Is the exporting to pdf no longer for free? It requires me to pay monthly in order to unlock this feature!

Hi @Athena_Leong, I merged your post to the relevant thread. PDF export is a paid feature in Prezi Next, please see my answer above.