What will happen to Classic prezis once Flash is gone?


Does the obsolescence of Flash affect Prezi Classic in its online form only, or does the local viewer also utilize? This post here is actually what prompted me to ask, actually:

Obvoiusly I’m not asking due to downgrade, rather an entire system change. Basically, I’m wondering if at some point I should consider downloading some of my old work if I haven’t done so already, or would that be a waste of time? (And maybe I should PDF the info I want to archive instead?)

And follow-up question, regardless of answer above, when you shake that crystal ball :wink: do you anticipate we’ll have a fair amount of warning to accomplish some potential archiving before the technology goes away? It’s a different type of “help” request, but if you can pass to the powers that be, that’s one thing I’d really like to make sure of = time to say goodbye to my Classic work.

Will Prezi Classic be shut down soon?

Both the Prezi Classic Desktop editor & the online editor are Flash based.
The change will not affect downloaded (portable) presentations or the mobile apps (neither Android or iOS), as these are all Flash-free.
It also won’t affect viewing/presenting prezis as the new player was built on a new technology (WebGL), which allows for graphics rendering in any compatible web browser without the use of plugins like Flash.
We’ll update this thread with further details shortly, please bear with us until then. Thank you.


Let me assure you that there’s no need to worry about archiving your existing Classic content as 1) even though companies like Google and Apple already have disabled Adobe Flash in their Chrome and Safari browsers, you can still keep Flash enabled by following these simple steps. There’s currently no way of telling if or when browsers will completely stop supporting Flash. You will always be able to edit Classic content in the Prezi Classic desktop app, as it’s bundled with Flash and browser independent. Rest assured, if this ever happens, we will give you a heads up, as we are always monitoring browser support closely. 2) Your Classic content can already today be viewed 100% flash-free through our latest technologies in your browser, portable prezis and mobile apps. There are no plans to stop supporting your Classic content and therefore no need for archiving it. 3) We are committed to improving the interoperability of Classic and Next and you’ll hear more from us on this in the future.

Hope this answers your question!


Yes, thanks @Zsofi_Goreczky, very helpful (and thank you @vera as well). I have been creating in Next almost exclusively lately, but just didn’t want to lose the Classic content yet, and the open-ended Flash support makes it somewhat tough to plan ahead with. But, I’m satisfied with where things are headed and where my work is at now.


Really glad to hear that, @Plastic_Ingenuity!



I’ve heard that flash player will eventually fade away… I may not fully understand what this means, but maybe the community can help?

I have invested a ton of time creating dozens and dozens of awesome Prezis using Prezi Classic. Is there any way that I can save these to use into perpetuity? Basically, I want my presentations to live on, even if Flash Player or Prezi Classic fades away?

Will I be okay if I download my Prezi Classics and share offline?

Just looking for some great advice …or the hard truth :frowning:


Hello, @cole_sproat. I have merged your question to a relevant thread, I hope the answers above are helpful.


I’m not sure if I’ve understood one of the above responses correctly…

In layman’s terms, If I download my Prezi classics to present offline… am I correct in thinking that there is no need for flashplayer at all in this circumstance and they should work always?


@cole_sproat yes, portable presentations don’t require Flash player so you should be able to play them even after Flash is no longer supported.


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