What will happen to Classic prezis once Flash is gone?

Hi @Carla_Pennello, this feature will be available for you in the near future and you would be able to convert your presentations easily.
Until then, if you have any urgent presentations, we could convert them for you up to 5 presentations. Let me know if you need this conversion and I would be happy to open a support ticket about it. :slight_smile:

Hi Bart,

Thank you for the information! Are the presentations editable still after the conversion to the new format? Here are the five I would like converted. Thank you for your help with this and I look forward to converting all of the rest in the near future.

International Student Services - Understanding DISC

Copy of F&A Leaders - Understanding DISC

Building Your Emotional Intelligence

Better Me - Communicating with DISC

Leading with DISC

Hi @Carla_Pennello,
I have created a support ticket to better follow the conversion of these presentations. :slight_smile:

The presentations will still be editable after the conversion, you will be able to do so in the Prezi Next editor.

Thank you, Bart!


Hi all - this was the question I wanted answered!

So, I am a BIG fan of PREZI Classic - such a great platform… and not sure of NEXT is up to the challenge! In any case, it looks like we will have to migrate over to NEXT.

As I understand it… we can upgrade from a free CLASSIC status to and paid NEXT status and keep the CLASSIC presentations and the ability to create more presentations form CLASSIC.

My question is… are I read above - ADOBE is ending the development/support for Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. What happens to CLASSIC? Do our presentation no longer work,and do we not longer have the ability to create new presentations in CLASSIC?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am wondering what Prezi plans to do since many browsers are disabling Flash and Adobe will shut it down in December? How do we continue to use Prezi and have the features we are paying for without Flash?

Hi @Roberto_Sciffo, @Laurie_Sevigny, I’ve merged your questions to the relevant topic.
Please check the answer above. :slight_smile:

Sorry but still not clear the answer if all my Prezi-Classic need to be move . All the posts and blog mention not to be worry, but why is mentioned that we need to save them on our disc

Hi @Roberto_Ruiz, there is no need to save your presentations on your disc. :slight_smile:

The Classic presentations will be available to view without disruption and you will be able to make a copy of your presentations to Next once the migration process starts in the near future.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for this discussion as I have been wondering what would happen to all my Prezi’s. I take it they won’t be editable though once the change happens in December (sorry if that is a silly question)?

I also wonder about the accessibility for people with specific learning differences too, as we now have to have everything accessible under the UK Equality Act 2010 as of this September gone, with Alt Text and CCs among other adjustments. I noticed a thread about accessibility, but it seems to be a work in progress at Prezi headquarters still? It would be great to have all those elements. One way around it I have found is to record the Prezi in Panopto and add CCs but again there is the issue of alt text on images and suchlike, therefore I use PowerPoint as well, yet I cannot provide the links to the Prezi’s now and PPTX will be the main downloads for all my classes again; which I am so sad about as it such a fab resource and always promote it in my classes - and still will either way. Just hope you can figure out some of these challenges.

Thanks in advance, Nick

Hello @Nicholas_Catahan, regarding the Prezi Classic, we are working on a tool to convert Prezi Classic Presentations into Prezi Next, you can read more in this forum post. You can also read this blog article.

Regarding accessibility, I’ll have to check with our team. I’ll come back soon, with more information! :smile:

Is there any more recent news than the January blog post and the July link to a Google Form noting that testing will begin shortly and you’re not accepting new testers? It’s a little nerve-racking to be this close to the end of Flash without much new information.

I’ve got hundreds of Prezi Classic presentations. Most of them I don’t need, but would like to know if I need to figure out how to translate their content to something else, or if it’s under control.

Hello @Don_Haas, beyond this I can inform you that the tool to convert classic into next is already being tested by the whole Prezi team. It will be release really soon, we’ll update this post as soon as we can.

I wish a lovely weekend!