What will happen to Classic prezis once Flash is gone?

Thanks for asking, Bart.

I realized after closing Prezi and posting my disappointment here that you seem to have changed the entire framing of what Prezi is now, and in a way that breaks it for some old-timers like me.

Let me explain. Prezi to me is and (almost) endless, zoomable canvas, on which I tell stories where the placement of the objects on the canvas is very important. I try to tell visual stories where the path is integral.

Now it seems Prezi is a slide deck with special features, including a cool Zoom capacity. But I have no desire to Zoom in on one slide. I don’t have time to offer more examples or details, and I’m sorry I didn’t take screen caps along the way, because the trip from the Zebra menu to today is to me a tale of loss, mostly.

I should note that I’m also probably not your average user. For example, I’m the world’s foremost individual mind mapper using TheBrain software. See JerrysBrain.com, which I’ve been curating for 23+ years. But I don’t tell zoomable stories in TheBrain, I used to use Prezi for that, as you’ll see if you browse the Prezis that are in my account.

I hope that helps.

Where is prezi classic

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@Jerry_Michalski, thanks for detailing your feedback.

Please note that it is still possible to create Classic-like presentations in Prezi Present if you decide to not use any topics and subtopics, but use “Zoom areas” and “Zoom to” animations in your presentations. These functions should be available from the Insert - Animation menu.

Please also note that by arranging your content you can enlarge the default canvas and by shrinking down a Zoom Area you can increase how much you Zoom into your content.

I hope this helps!

I absolutely agree. I hate the new Prezi. I cannot do any of the things that were easy before. It is impossible to create the presentations I once created. I even upgraded thinking it was not something that I had to pay for, but I still cannot edit a presentation or create one as I once did. Really frustrating.

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Could you please check my previous comment? :slight_smile:

Bart, your solution, insofar as I understand it, doesn’t solve my problem.

For me, what is now a “Zoom area” on a page in a deck used to be the full canvas, and I can’t envision crawling inside a Zoom area and pretending it is the old Prezi.

I’m with Lori here, feeling like the Ur-Prezi users have been abandoned, or maybe just left behind. But I can’t see using it anymore.

Hi @Jerry_Michalski,

In Prezi Classic you were able to add frames, big or small and were able to zoom to different objects on the canvas.

Currently, you can do the same in Prezi Present by adding Zoom areas that are technically the same as Frames were in Prezi Classic.

Please note that a Zoom area is different from a Planet topic, or a Stack topic (which is the page-based deck). So currently you have the same options as you’ve had in Classic + 2 types of topics that you can use.

If you wish to create a presentation similar to a Prezi Classic presentation, you would need to arrange your content on the empty overview (where you can enlarge the borders by moving your content outside of the border) and then add Zoom area animations (similar to Frames) and/or Zoom to the object animations. Adding these would be similar to adding your items or views to the path in Prezi Classic.

Here is a nice article about that.

I hope this helps to understand the similarities. :slight_smile:

It is possible to switch back to Prezi classic? Because the new version of the software really sucks. Everything is more complicated and so instead of making it more user-friendly, you made it more complicated.

Hi @Okan_Tansu, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

I would advise you to check this article on how you can create Classic-like presentations in Prezi Present. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!