What will happen to my Prezi collection when I will die?

How can I transmit a Prezi to a friend or client so that he can transform or update it.
How about my Prezi collection when I will die ?

In another topic, I shared different methods of sharing a presentation, also including a step-by-step guide to collaboration:

As for the digital footprint of our customers, we don’t have a straightforward policy yet, but there’s an ongoing discussion about it in the tech scene. In the latest edition of Amuse Conf (which Prezi co-organized), we invited Alberta Soranzo who talked about it in further details, you can check her talk here.

wow when u die? i dont think you will be creating prezis when ur 86

@Leyna_Sonnenfeld how do you know the topic poster isn’t 86 already? :wink: But in all seriousness I think this is a helpful topic to review since it could also apply to companies and employees who quit/retire or are fired… @Vanda would it be possible to retrieve someone’s Prezi account content if they leave the company without adding collaborators? My concern is in regards to loss, or future unregulated sharing, of confidential information. (Or would that turn into a legal matter?)

@Plastic_Ingenuity thanks for bringing this up, we currently solve this kind of issues based on the particular cases we face. We’d be happy to come up with more general processes as these are very much valid concerns. Could you perhaps elaborate more on what you mean by unregulated sharing of confidential information?

Meaning the employee continues to share links from their account that has the company info contained within… so one scenario is where the content is completely lost to the company once the employee is no longer there, and the other is where that employee is instead sharing presentations they really have no right in doing so.

Makes perfect sense, @Plastic_Ingenuity, we will raise it as a concern and we’ll get back to this topic if we have any news.

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