What's going on? I can't edit the texts of my old slideshow

I want to edit the following slideshow I created six years ago: https://prezi.com/fkncgzbclai9

I can add new text frames and write on them. In order for me to select an old text frame, from when I made the slideshow years ago, I have to open the contextual menu with my mouse and select “edit”. When I do that I’m able to move the frame but I can’t type nor erase even a single letter in those frames. What’s going on? Did I somehow protect it all and I just don’t remember?

I need to delete some of those text frames but I’m unable. Can you please help me?

I’m trying to do this through the latest version of Firefox in a notebook with Windows 8.1

It was right on time :smiley:! Thank you so much Catarina. Tomorrow I’ll be doing that conference once again, but this time online, for 100 attendees.

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