What's new in Prezi Next?


I know you are working hard to deal with issues but could you please list the new features, and fixes created in/for NEXT in one easy to find place?



We have a dedicated page for release notes in our Knowledge Base, you can check it out here.


I still think that NEXT needs some serious work and as I learn more about it I see that you are focused on the process and not the fact that people want to use and manipulate images and within them. I do understand the struggle and the need for the move. I want the abilities of classic to use and use for a long time BUT you did see the handwriting on the wall so maybe you should post this link to people asking about how long classic will be around. You will probably not be the weak link or even the reason it fades into the sunset. Flash is dead the long march will take about 6 years I’d estimate, 3 to the 2020 date and 3 to fade due to OS updates. https://www.wired.com/story/adobe-finally-kills-flash-dead/ Please ask your programmers to focus on what the core need of the classic users is: graphic manipulation. This can be greatly helped by allowing subtopics to not be on a tethered thread that bends and limits placement and allow them to be placed completely independent of each other THEN add the line. If I am not explaining this clearly please let me know. I have faith but you do need to race NEXT up to a certain level to keep us believers alive. All the best. PS Promote in many more places the release notes with a focus on NEW items to let people know the great work that is happening so it doesn’t feel static to us out here. :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Al_Mcmahon, you’re very welcome to post feature requests on this forum or add your vote to the already existing ones, this way you can make sure your needs will reach the responsible teams.


@Vanda do you think your team has time to add a thread to the “Tips & Tricks” or “Announcements” category (or maybe a new category)? With the release notes reminder link in there for people to find, and perhaps a better visual of the existing roadmap as it has begun to lay out (just a simple chart of the topics that are implemented, planned, under disc, or not planned. etc.) since digging through tags can be cumbersome. I can see where it would be nice to have it organized a bit differently for a more holistic understanding of what’s new or going to be new. And I’ll add (I know, you’ve been bugged before, but…) that even better visibility to what’s planned would be really great/appreciated by many; for some, a relief that their requests are moving fwd, for others an exciting sneak peek! Thanks as always.


This is a VERY good idea! Please do this!


@Plastic_Ingenuity thanks for the idea, we’ll discuss within the team how to proceed!


Sounds good! :slight_smile: