What's Prezi Design projects number limit?

Hello Prezi Community,

I am really interested in getting Prezi Design features for charts, but I am worried if there is any kind of projects limit (i mean a number of projects per year).

In Infogram I know it is 100 projects per year, but I don’t know if Prezi Design has any limit. Can someone tell me please?

Aside from that, if any of you has experience with infogram too, i would really appreciate if you could tell me the main differences you find.

I really need to embed charts to my job webpage and also keep them private for a while, before publishing, if needed.


Hello, Juan_Luis_Garcia!

Thanks for your message and your interest in Prezi Design!
Currently, there are no set limits for how many projects you can host in Prezi Design (like in Infogram).
As for the option to embed projects in your web page and keep them private - these features are available in Prezi Design.

Please, let me know if you have any additional questions!