What's the best template for..?

Hello all am new on this , looking for a good template for a 3d cv please. Thanks

Hello @Haddijatou_Sallah, when you create a new presentation in your dashboard you’ll be taken to the template chooser where you can find all the Prezi templates you can currently choose from. Under the General category you can find several Resume templates. I hope this helps.

İ am very new and need a hand of animal people for the educative pres conference. Can anyone offer me a good template for the animal right public control contest, so that İ can handle better.
Some profesional peopes help needed. Also have no required shrift like “ş” or “ə” or ö or ğ…

Hello @Canli_Alemin_Rasulza, I’ve merged your question into the relevant thread. I would suggest visiting our Prezi gallery page where you can find useful templates, or selecting any template from the template chooser in the editor and customizing it. Alternatively you can also start with a Blank template, choose an appropriate background image for your topic and build your own topics.

I’m asking to know if it is possible create in Prezi Next a logical path on the basis " If - Then" for my judicial courses,
Thanks everyone

Hi @Gianfranco_Pinos, it’s definitely possible. You could use any template and have the “If” statement visible outside on the topic, and the “Then” part visible inside once you zoom inside the topic. I also recommend you to search for If-Then public presentations to see how other Prezi users have created similar type of projects.

I tried to search for it(Ie: https://prezi.com/explore/search/?search=If-Then#search=if+then&page=1&users=less) but I was unable to find any. can you give me some links?

Hi @Gianfranco_Pinos, I recommend searching for “if then statement” or “if then theory” then you’ll find quite a few of these. Here are a couple of public presentations you can find via our Classic explore page:

  1. If-Then Statement Project
  2. If-Then Statement

Please bear in mind that these are created in Prezi Classic, but I believe checking these out would still be helpful. In Next, I’d recommend what I wrote above.

I need a world map template with a background that doesn’t move when I’m zooming to the topics. Where can I find something like this?

Hi @DaShock, whenever you zoom in to a topic or to a zoom area the background will change, it will also be zoomed in. This is a basic setting of our platform. As a workaround, I would suggest selecting a blank template, adding a world map photo as a background, and adding fake topics to the overview. Please see this article that explains how to create a moodboard like presentation. I really hope this article helps!