What's the difference between adding a collaborator and sharing a view link?


Hi everyone,

could someone from the Prezi staff please confort me on the question of privacy? I have a Edu Standard free licence thanks to my Uni mail address, and currently preparing a Prezi presentation for a special topic.

Concerning this presentation I set up the followings : privacy button set on “collaborators and clients”, and no collaborators added except my private mail adress, in order to send to myself a “view link”.

Can you please confirm that no one else has access to my presentation? (or can view or steal it from google or other…)

Many thanks in advance,


Confidential company presentations - security?

Hello, @Sophie_Rochet.
As you can see from this article, anyone you add as a collaborator or who has the view link can see the presentation. This means if one of your clients, for example, shares your presentation’s link, it would be viewable.
Based on that, if you want to make sure you set the highest privacy level, we’d recommend adding collaborators instead of sharing a view link.
I hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your answer Lana!

But please what is the difference between a collaborator and a colleague who has a view link (and does not share it let’s say). If it is a view link he can just click on it in his email, while if he is added as collaborator then…? Does he have to log in my personal Prezi space everytime? (and I want to be the only one able to edit the presentation)


If you add someone as a collaborator, they can either present or even edit your presentation from their own accounts (not yours).

If you share a view link with someone, they will only able to view the presentation from this link, but won’t be able to make edits. You can also deactivate this link anytime you’d like to revoke the viewing rights.



Ok, your answer was really helpful thank you!


You’re very welcome, @Sophie_Rochet!