What's the difference between portable prezis and PEZ files?

On Prezi tutorials I’m seeing references to Portable Prezis and to PEZ files, what exactly are these and what is the difference between them?

Hi Kit,

Great question, sorry if this is not clear in our manuals!

The difference between them is that a portable prezi is non-editable, exported version of your prezi and works without Internet access or a Prezi account. 

And the PEZ file is an editable, exported version of your prezi. You can edit them with the Prezi Desktop Application, you can try it for 30days, or purchase a PRO license to be able to edit prezis offline.

Hope this clarifies your question.

Hello Kit,

simply put a .pez file is an editable version of your Prezi for use within the desktop editor (App) of Prezi - this is available when you upgrade (see here for more http://bit.ly/1hEBYCk ) and is usually kept on your local hard drive.

A portable Prezi is a standalone version of your Prezi with its own player for both Mac and PCs - this is not editable.  You can download a portable from both online and from your Desktop App version of the Prezi editor. http://bit.ly/1lmy6vi

Hope this helps



Thank you to both of you.  That was helpful.

Hi nicki :slight_smile:

Is it possible to upload a portable prezi (which is non-editable as mentioned) to my account?

I don’t need to further edit it yet I do need for it to be on my account for as I wish to share it’s link on other platforms (e.g. Linkdn, FB etc)

So I have downloaded portable prezi onto USB, so it is standalone and can be used alternately on a pc or a mac?