When can we expect a Prezi platform that is totally independent of Adobe Flash?

It’s becoming a problem for me to offer Prezi as a presentation tool to my clients at work since any kind of updates are blocked by IT… therefore we can’t upgrade to the latest flash option.

Since all browser vendors are in the process of deprecating plugins incl. Flash (yes, that covers the browsers with built-in Flash like Chrome and Internet Explorer, too!) – and considering mobile platforms without Flash support –, there needs to be a clear roadmap for an HTML5-only version of Prezi, even if you do not provide clear dates. Otherwise, there is no incentive to buy a Prezi subscription as the tool will be dead in 1 or 2 years.

I for one do not have Flash installed and only switch to Chrome for the few sites that still require Flash (and the ones I need to visit – most of the time I will just not visit the site if it requires Flash). And I know of quite a few people who do the same.

Have you tested Flash-emulators like Shumway.js in the meantime? (The mid-term goal should be an HTML5-only version, of course.)

Google Chrome is on the way ending the default support of Adobe Flash this year while both Firefox and Safari have dropped it long ago.
Recently, my first few trials on the Prezi did not work smoothly because the security policy of my customer environments restrict the flash content. Don’t know when you will announce the support but I start moving back to Keynote / Powerpoint for better compatibility.
Cheers Prezi team and hope you can catch up soon!

This really is a bit bogus. You have this big article signed off by your CTO entitled “How and why Prezi turned to JavaScriptand why it took four years” – posted back in *2014* (see https://engineering.prezi.com/how-and-why-prezi-turned-to-javascript-56e0ca57d135#.4dflyfov2) – yet here in mid-2016 flash is still required to run Prezi both via the web and in offline mode. As Fabian and Leo noted, flash is being increasingly banned or blocked in many environments, and browser support ofr it is coming to an end. Consequently, it can hardly be claimed that Prezi is “providing…the most innovative solutions” in this regard.

The continuing use of flash (along with the incessant, time-consuming, and thoroughly annoying upgrades to adobe air) is one of the principal reasons I stopped subscribing to Prezi Pro three years ago. Had a colleague at a new job who had some Prezis I needed to look at, and thought I’d check and see if flash was still involved.  Unfortunately, that remains the case. Therefore, I won’t be buying another subscription or using Prezi again until it ends its reliance on flash. Come on, $60/year for a product based on a technology that’s so insecure everyone is moving away from it?  Good luck.


I don’t think anyone is suggesting you revoke support for your Flash Based products.  We are PLEADING with your company to provide an HTML5 based system that allows us to embed Prezis into websites without the use of Flash.  I will likely be migrating away from Prezi because of its dependence on Flash.  I have embedded many into one of my main websites, and the inability for mobile devices to view them (because of Flash) is highly problematic.  I so wish you would listen to your customers and also just see the writing on the wall.



Hello Vanda,

could you please clarify the “our existing Pro users have the ability to download a non-Flash version of their prezis to share with anyone”?
Is the download feature really different than that available to basic users?
I already have the ability to download prezis as a “free-tier” user, and the content is still Flash-based (just repackaged using Adobe AIR).

When the same Javascript-based platform available to Business users will be available to Pro users?

Thanks in advance!

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This latest note does not actually address Claudio’s question. Does the Prezi Desktop pro license version offer Javascript-based Prezis, or it is using Adobe Air for packaging/delivery (which as Claudio notes is just Flash by another name)?
I would appreciate a more complete response on this. While I used to purchase the yearly subscription for Prezi Pro, the continued use of Flash required that I cease. If users of Prezi Pro can actually create fully Flash-free content, I would purchase again.
Thanks, Mike

So there it is: it’s a money issue. The technology is there, but will only be available to paying customers. So much for gratitude in making Prezi big: so many users are left with old technology, dangerous unsafe software. that is a true reason for not using Prezi anymore. Thinking about having some young enthusiastic IT boys and girls disrupt this market.

Dear Vanda,

thanks for the respond. You only react on one part of the problem. Viewing a press is (i know already) possible with apps that don’t require any Adobe flash. When i want to create a Prezi, on line om my Mac, I will either have to install that stupid, dead for a long long time and very dangerous Flash, or pay a monthly fee for a Adobe Flash Free Pro license. That, dear Vanda, is my problem. You force people, who adopted your program in great numbers to either pay or use the risky (actually dangerous) Flash version, when they want to create a Prezi.

I’m not gonna pay; I’m thinking about disrupting your market. There are more ways to make money.


It’s the monkeys that go after the peanuts as of they are blind. It’s not the other way around.

You rhink you get what you pay for, but you’re likely to pay too much. Don’t be too fast judging orders (beggars) from your short sighted american point of view. Standing up from the crowd because you don’t accept things blindly doesn’t make one a beggar.
And yes, disrupting means doping something totally different. For free and make money annother way. I take it you won’t the one of the users of this disruptive product. It would make you what? A beggar?

looks like it’ll have to be resolved by 2020: