When I reorder the structure of my presentation, it rearranges the cover images. Why?



When I reorder the path of the prezi, by dragging topics overview bar, it completely rearranges all the images on my prezi.

Please Help! I can't change the order of the thumbnails!

Can you perhaps share a screencast so we get a better idea of what you’re experiencing? Thanks!


I can’t do a screencast, but I have attached a series of screenshots that I hope can help you see what I am experiencing. Currently the slide #8 needs to be #1, but when I move it all the topics move around.




I have the same problem!

For example:

I want to move slide 4 to position 2, this happens:

Every circle is moved to another position.

I get why this is, it works great when you are working on a more lineair designed Prezi, but if you are working with a creative Prezi it is very annoying. You have to move every circle back after rearrange in topic order.


I think I may have come up with a way to minimize the damage.

  1. Copy the thumbnail slide you want to move
  2. Paste it where you want it in the overview sidebar
  3. Make the new copy as small as you can
  4. Place it where you want it
  5. Resize the copy as needed
  6. Delete the original slide (by right clicking the thumbnail)
  7. Fix Damage

It’s no where near perfect but in my case it minimized the damage.


@Jody_Harris and @Marco_ten_Hoff would it be possible for you to send a link to your presentations so that we can check?





Thank you for the link.

As you use your Overview bar to rearrange the structure of your presentation (as the path in Prezi Classic), it rearranges the topics and its subtopics accordingly. But in your case, these are not just typical planet topics but topics that are placed on shapes, so when you rearrange them, it ends in the cover images not being in balance with the shapes behind.

In these cases, you will need to update the background color of the topics manually, I’m afraid. For further information on restructuring your presentation, please check this article.

Please also note that when you present your presentation, you don’t have to follow the structure that had been set up in Edit Mode, as in Present Mode you can jump to a relevant topic or subtopic simply by clicking on it.


Hmmmm, I was afraid of that. Maybe this is something for the developmentteam to work with? It would be great to change the order without changing the place. Maybe while holding shift/control when moving the slides? Something like that?


Thank you for the tip, Marco, we’ll pass it on to the responsible team.




@Jody_Harris it seems that the issue is the same as in the case of Marco’s presentation. Please see my answer above.


As an example of what should be a “simple” move, open the Template “Bar Graph”. In the Overview sidebar, move Slide 7 (Custom Graph) before Slide 6 (Contact). Not only does it change the placement of the box on the canvas, the Custom Graph orange box is now BIGGER. Why ??? It’s ridiculous. Not only should it stay the same size, it should NOT MOVE ON THE CANVAS. The fact that I want to change the path does not mean I want to change to look of my canvas. This is a simple example. I have very complex Prezis (in Classic) and I could in no way use NEXT to do any of my Prezis. The only thing I like about NEXT is the fact that the content of a frame becomes visible only when we zoom in. This feature should be added to Classic. WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING ELSE. Hopefully Classic will always be available because I find NEXT not user friendly nor flexible at all. There are so many other things I detest about NEXT but too long to list here LOL.


Sorry for the late reply, @Classic_User, could you please send a short screencast of this issue happening?


I just wanted to add that I hope that Prezi Next soon comes out with an “update path” option, which won’t automatically rearrange all the subjects. There have been multiple times I only wanted to rearrange the path, and not the placement of everything, and as was mentioned, this is not currently possible. I really hope this becomes an option in the future.


We are in the same situation, Joe. This is a major issue that needs to be resolved quickly. We cannot use Next the way we need to without it. :frowning:


I am having the exact same issue as well. It can be reproduced by setting “Custom” onto the slides, so you can change the image.

Then when you move a slide, it changes the objects.


Hi, @Simon_O_Doherty, have you checked Vanda’s answer?