When I reorder the structure of my presentation, it rearranges the cover images. Why?



I saw that response, it is completely useless for me. I may as well throw away hours of work, trash my presentation and start from scratch. It doesn’t make any logical sense. Just because I want to change the presentation order, it should not start rearranging what I have laid out.

I click on the sections to get around it, but people I share the Prezi will don’t do that.

It’s really not a good “feature”, and future Prezi’s I have to design them in a more linear fashion, or risk losing work again.


I understand why Prezi does this in some cases, but for instance when the topics are actually placed in a specific place in relation to the background, this becomes a big problem.

Let’s say the background is a map and the topics are markers for the different countries … this becomes a disaster… adding one slide in between moves all flags around to the “next” country …


@Paul_Naveau I would recommend first setting the order of the topics on the left panel and after that rearranging them on the overview. If you select a topic and move it by holding the Shift key and the arrows on your keyboard the topics wouldn’t switch positions even if they are close to each other. I recoded a short video of it. Please let me know if this way you can set the correct overview of your presentation or if you need further assistance.



I have been trying to place my subjects for half an hour and they keep trading places. Why did they ever leave prezi classic?


@Cody_Sanders. In order for us to be able to assist you, could you please add a link to the presentation and provide some more details in connection to which topics within that presentation you are having a difficulty with?


So guys I think I got if figured out. Forget about rearranging the tiles on the left. Continue to design your prezi the way you want. When you want to rearrange something, simply drag the object in the line of fire and a circle will appear. Make sure and drop your object in that circle to give it its new order. I don’t have a better explanation but give it a shot. This frustrates me about this software, but try to do what I said. No need to make objects smaller etc… Just drag the object in the line of fire you need it to go and a circle will appear. So just like a video game, release the mouse button when the circle appears as if to drop the object in that circle. You can also shake your mouse in frustration as if to accumulate points before dropping the object in the circle. Please see photo below. Best Regards,


@Noe_Lopez, that is the current method indeed, thank you for posting the detailed explanation.


Dear Lana & Prezi people,

Thank you for invaluable Prezi Classic and Prezi Next!

Whereas the method to rearrange the order of topics that Noe_Lopez describes may be the current method, I suspect that it is still seriously flawed. I believe there are still many instances where rearranging layout will potentially conflict with the rearranging the order of topics.

  1. Rearranging order by draging a topic into the line of fire seems not to work if you want your topic to be ordered between two other topics that are - layoutwise - in proximity to each other. If this flaw is a genuine one, then there is true conflict between layout and order rearrangements

  2. By rearranging layout by using the mouse you are at risk of inadvertently rearranging topic order at the same time. Instead, any layout rearrangements must be done by the keyboard arrows.

  3. Making a copy of a topic using ctrl-c ctrl-v seems to bounce/move topics arount the artboard without user control, if your topics are too closely placed.

Keep up the good work, and if these observations from the user base are indeed true, please ask your development team to quickly address these issues and make layout and topic order truly conflict free.


Hey, @Bucket. Thank you for the feedback!

In case it might come in handy, we also have an instruction for the keyboard method made by @Luanda. It involves Shift and keyboard arrows. I supposed this method is actually the safest one in connection to not accidentally changing the order in the wrong way.

  1. Set the desired order of the topic sequence (the order in which they appear when you present) on the left panel - this will change the appearance on the overview.

  1. Move the topics back to their original position - use only the Shift key and the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  1. Hit Present.

As you can see, as opposed to from 1 to 7, the topics are now displayed 7 to 1, even though visually the sequence is still 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.


I’m suspect that the change from Prezi classic to it’s new form (HTML5?) meant that the developers had to accept some limitations or find new clever ways to program around them. In any case the limitations and the user experience has changed significantly for the worse. This bums me out because I’ve loved Prezi since the beginning back when the menu items were little animated Mandelbrot-like disks.

I’m finding that not only does Next move objects when you move pages, it also changes the size of the objects. That makes Lana’s solution work only if objects are the same size and in linear order. (I also have to move an graphic element and the topic zoom area to even get at a text box to edit.)

It seems to me that all I got for Prezi Next is a new model of interaction that doesn’t quite work smoothly. I’m wondering whether its worth going back to Classic and make things work the way I want them to? What exactly is different enough that it’s worth putting up with these things?

I don’t program HTML5 or whatever it is, but is this something that cannot be fixed? I also suspect that Prezi classic is Flash and that’s going away in 2020. I do hope Prezi can get back on track; I’d have to be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital before I’d go to PowerPoint.