When I want to upgrade my EDU account, I get a "Server error"


If you want to register to an EDU account or upgrade your license from a free Basic one to Edu Standard/Edu Plus, you might come across an issue where you get a “Server error” and cannot proceed with the settings.

There might be two reasons for this:

  1. It is possible that a firewall is blocking the feature. Please make sure to do all the settings mentioned in this post.
  1. The other reason might be that your educational email address does not end with an .edu domain as this is the only domain that is automatically accepted by the system. If this is the case and you cannot proceed with the registration/upgrade, please do the following:
  • in case you are not a registered user, create a free Basic account and contact us here on the Community Forum letting us know that you are experiencing this issue and we will get back to you in a private message
  • if you already have a subscription and you wish to upgrade/switch to an edu license, please contact Prezi Support and include a photo or copy of your student ID or any proof that you are indeed a student or educator so we can manually update your license.