When in edit mode, I am "offline" constantly

Hi there,

I just started to test Prezi Next, I am really excited about the new ideas, but… It isn’t working! Everytime I am trying to edit a Prezi the cloud-icon gives a pop up telling me that I am offline. I am not offline, I tried this on different wifi-connections (including one with 100mb/s d/u).

What is going wrong? I am using Chrome version 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit) on a 64-bit Windows 7 laptop. I am using an Educational account.

Thanks in advance for helping me.

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This error message might appear when there’s an adblocker running in your browser, could you please try if disabling the adblocker fixes the issue?


It was the addblocker indeed, thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome, Marco!

I am trying to create a presentation but I can’t because it says I am offline, although I clearly have internet and can access any website. Does anyone have an idea what to do? Thanks!

@Anna_Gelleri I’ve merged your question to a topic discussing the same error. I hope it helps!

@Vanda I tried to turn off the ad blocker but it didn’t work, do you have any other suggestions?
Thank you!

I’ve checked your account and it works fine on my computer, so it’s most probably connected to some network connection issues.

Our online editor supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox 64-bit, but for the best experience we recommend using the latest version of Chrome.

Please make sure that JavaScript and cookies are allowed (white-listed) for

each for both http and https, in your browser and any firewall software, browser privacy add-on, etc. that you may be running on your computer.

*Note: If you experience this issue from a protected network, you may need to ask the responsible IT person to make these adjustments for you. This is common if you are trying to access Prezi.com from an educational institution or a company network.

@Vanda , thank you for the help! I tried to access it from my work macbook and just asked IT to help out, all good now!

That’s great news, @Anna_Gelleri, I’m glad I could help!

Hello Community,

My Prezi Next tool is offline, but I have internet.
I can’t share my presentation or save it…

Who can help?

@Wiebke_Plate please see our suggestions above, I hope it helps!

thank you!!!
It works now.

@Wiebke_Plate I’m very glad to hear it!

I have an issue in inserting images to my presentation.Some of the information i want to get clarified

  1. I am using the trial version without paying any fee.
  2. I was using prezi classic but now i wanted to try prezi next. Should i need to pay to use this feature?
  3. On the top left corner i always get an error message stating you are offline but i am connected to internet.
  4. I am not able to inser any image or background image it is greyed out. Can i know what am i doing wrong.

Thak you very much in advance.

Inserting images is available with all Prezi Next license types.

We experienced that if there’s an adblocker running in your browser, it might cause some issues. Could you please try if disabling the adblocker fixes the issue?

Disabling the adblocker did actually work for me. But this is in no way acceptable.

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I cant go ONLINE to edit my prezi next, even im on good internet and im connected.
is there any solition ? i cant upload image if that keep saying im offline ._.

sorry for bad english

Sorry for the inconvenience, @Bennedick_Cucumbberb. Please check if disabling your adblocker will resolve the issue.

When i try to change my background image i can’t upload anything, beacause is trying to reconnect, and the prasentation is in offline mode while i’m online…