When prezi app will be available for windows phone?

We need the app in windows phone, please!

Developers are working on providing Prezi support for all devices. No one can determine the exact date of release, but you just have to be patient.

Hi guys,

Still waiting for a Windows Phone version, any news?



We demand a Windows Phone app with Prezi. I have heard that Prezi competes with Microsoft Powerpoint. But unless, Prezi can spread everywhere like Microsoft Powerpoint has and is continuing to do so, Prezi will not succeed. We appreciate, Prezi’s effort. But without a Windows Phone App it is not complete in mobility. 


It’s been 7 months. Moving office to windows phones. Any update? The windows phones do come preloaded with PowerPoint. Just saying.

We need a WP app now!

No plans? So in this case: “Thanks for your feedback, it has been noted and IGNORED”. So sad…

Dear All,

Forget about Prezi. Office Sway is here.

I love using prezi, I have a surface pro and a windows phone, would it be possible for you to make an app for the windows store when windows 10 comes out this spring?*

Would there be an app for prezi in the new Windows store, when windows 10 comes out?? If you make an app for windows 10, it is universal as it will work cross-platform on any device that runs windows 10 for e.g PC, Tablets, Phones, Xbox, Hololens. Please try to develop an app. You can also use most of your Android or IOS code to make an app for the Windows store using ‘VIsual Studio’. All this is when windows 10 launches this July 29th. 

When I try to view a prezi on my windows phone, I get a an icon showing up implying that I can get a free viewer app, but when I click on that it says that there is no app that can handle this action.

Is the website maybe assuming I’m on an Android or iPhone?

Is there any way I can actually view the Prezi on my phone?

Dear Louise,

Currently the Windows mobile devices are not supported. Is it possible that you have a rooted system on your phone? It can cause this problem that the page offer you app for another system.

Thank you very much for letting us know your needs on this!
I am going to forward this to the product managers.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz

Hello everybody. Are there any news about viewing prezi-presentations on windows phone?
Thanks for thinking about.