When Prezi Video updates, it deletes unsaved presentations

Twice today when Prezi Video updated, each time the presentation I was working on (and then recreating) was entirely lost. Please ensure there is an automatic saving feature like there is for programs like the Adobe Suite which automatically saves, and makes it really easy to retrieve

Hi @Thom_Dennis, thanks for the feedback!

Could you please tell me what do you mean by updating exactly? Were you using Prezi Video in a browser or as a desktop application?


My Prezi Video app on my Mac has the automatic update setting selected.

I was creating a new presentation, went to answer some emails and went back to Prezi Video and it had updated itself and deleted the new presentation


Hi @Thom_Dennis, thanks for your feedback.

Could you please let me know from which version did you update to which one?

Usually, the software update needs your confirmation and password on a Mac so it should not be able to do so in the background.

Anyways I’m going to forward your feedback to our product team. :slight_smile: