When will Hebrew support be available?

Perez  presentations can be very beautiful… but not for me … when i will  write in hebrew?
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we’ve been working with a large corporate client who want some interesting and impressive presentations…

eventually we sold them on the idea of Prezi and they were quite impressed.

our clients started playing with editing a presentation but they complained about Hebrew fonts not working…

we are absolutely shocked to find that the support for right-to-left languages is non-existent. after checking more thoroughly we see that Prezi has been promising for several years to support Hebrew but apparently never followed through with it…

we are now in the embarrassing position of having to tell our clients that Prezi only works in selected languages.

yes, we can use one of the templates someone uploaded, but then all text is backwards, so we then have to tell our client to take all their text and run it through software to reverse the text and then paste it back into prezi! this is something no professional software has made us do in the last 5 years!

so, have we completely wasted our time with this or is Prezi going to support Right to left languages sometime in the near future ?

why cant i us hebrew letters on my prezi ?

Dear Vera,
adding the option to write in RTL languages should be a simple task for your team.
it will enable hundreds of millions of users to work with Prezi. isn’t that worthwhile?


Is Hebrew available on Prezi yet?

This is pretty ridiculous.  

Still no Hebrew??
You’re loosing us as a client.

HAHAHAHAH. seriously.