When will Prezi support other Languages like Arabic?


Arabic is the 5th widely used language around the world. Arabic is a Semitic language with about 221 million speakers in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Cyprus, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Oman, Palestinian West Bank & Gaza, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Uzbekistan and Yemen.It will really help prezi gain a lot of new users and other ideas of new culture.Thank you.

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Hi, we don’t yet have a Arabic theme that you could use officially for prezis. However you can try to copy/paste text to prezi, and under the colors bubble menu change the current theme to Glossy Paper or White Paper. It’s likely that your text will be visible using these themes.

About developing a Arabic theme: when we see that a big community requests a feature, we always consider adding it to our roadmap. we have created a Korean theme as well, based on the amazing help and feedback from their local prezi community. Please check this topic: http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi
Do you think there are many users who would be happy using a Arabic theme?


I’m glad to hear that. Yes there are, me, my friends and classmates are using it for our college presentations and it is spreading really fast. Too bad i can’t do for Arabic courses. I tried the copy/past and it doesn’t work. I wrote what i wanted in another program and upload it to prezi as pictures. But it took a lot of time, and it would be more convenient if i just can use arabic directly in prezi.
Thank you

Prezi is a great program, but without arabic you are loosing a very big market share, especially now after the Arabic spring and the demand for economic and social development in many countries affected by the so-called Arab spring.
For example, live in Lebanon, and for the past 10 years 90% of my presentations were in English. But now as we are infiltrating new markets and many other Arab countries, we are obliged to offer presentations and training in Arabic.
Unfortunately prezi is not helping us and at the same time NOT HELPING ITSELF EXPAND in this promising region.
Hope I have made my point!
Best of Luck and waiting the Arabic theme very soon…

Hi Fadi.
So happy to hear your great feedback. We are struggling to reflect customers’ voice. We promise to become more user-friendly service.
Thanks :slight_smile:

please remember, if prezi doesn’t support arabic, arabic speakers won’t use it. that is why you see little requests.
once you begin supporting arabic i am sure it will spread and replace PP.

How we can support to make it Arabic?
Plz note that many of Arabs do not speak English. and on the other side you do not speak Arabic.
So you are making it difficult to your customers to communicate their voice :slight_smile:

I made a great Arabic Prezi through an Arabic writing software :slight_smile:
the prezi is:

the software is:

السلام عليكم امجد
nice presentation.
i used the site you suggested, but when paste the text in prezi i can’t see the letters, as they were transparent.
could you help?
جزاك الله خيرا

السلام عليكم أخ أمجد
مع الأسف عند لصق المخرجات من برنامجك لا تظهر في عرض بريزي
ما السبب؟

Please add Arabic theme as soon as possible

we need ARABIC !

We need to support Arabic.

This question was asked before more than one year. So can we expect to support arabic soon?

1- Select an arabic font

2- Put it in

3- Go to Prezi->Themes->Customize Current Theme->Use the Prezi CSS Editor

4- In @font-face tag which contains
fontFamily: body;
change the
src: url(‘XYZ’);
src: url(‘YOUR_ARABIC_FONT_NAME.ttf’);

5- Use a text reverser program like the one in:
and copy past it to Prezi
or type your text in reverse order
سلام -> ملاس

It would be really helpful to have Arabic. Currently, I am inserting pictures and really not getting the best out of Prezi.

Hi, we really wish you would add and support Arabic language.In addition there are a plenty of people in our country wish that,So please try to support Arabic language in prezi as soon as you possible. Thank you

As other said, Prezi is getting popular in Middle East , and their first language is Arabic/Farsi.
I know there is solution for this problem,but it is not easy and many of users don’t aware of that.
So my question is,Is there any plan to support these languages ? 
How long should we wait ?
Anyway , thank you for such fantastic platform.

I will be great if you add support for Arabic and Hebrew, so we will be able to creat prezi’s in these languages.
thanks ahead.

hello there
im very happy to using prezi in my presentations in english but when i tried to use it in Arabic which is my first language i couldn’t write any words in arabis so there is any way to use it in Arabic
thank you