Where can I search for good cartoon pics for a prezi?

Ive seen lots of prezis with nice little illustrations.  For example, I saw one with different types of cartoon-ish buildings that were connected with a network of roads against a white background, and then the viewer could click their way through the city to reveal text and little people.  Does anyone have any tips on where to find good images like that?  A general web search is obviously kinda hit-or-miss.  And most ordinary pics won’t look good against a white background.

Thanks a bunch.

Hello Kit,

you could try searching the templates on a new Prezi for useful stuff - failing that searching the ‘explore’ tab at the top of your account pages on Prezi.com can get you some nice stuff (click the Show Reusable prezis only box) - you can make a copy of these and use them within your own account.

There are also some useful images in the symbols and Shapes wirhin the editor (under Insert)

You could also try some of the more specific search engines:

You should check copyright in all cases though.

hope this helps