Where is the classic (legacy /flash) player?

Since a few weeks we have a big issue with the Prezi Player API (http://prezi.github.io/prezi-player/). We used it to show presentations with the Flash-player, because our devices do not work well with WebGL (the new player).

We have an Team account and submitted a ticket to support, but we are not getting answers!

We noticed that the new player does not fallback to flash (we can edit classic presentations fine). Can anyone confirm this? We really need that legacy player back!

To reproduce:

  1. Use latest Chrome browser (Windows), startup parameter: “–disable-webgl” to disable the WebGL feature in the browser.
  2. Goto: https://prezi.com/_ueivw8ad8xx/prezi-demo/?webgl=0, notice that it correctly fallback to Flash player.
  3. Goto: http://prezi.github.io/prezi-player/, notice that there is a “Prezi needs Flash Player 11.1” error, it does not fallback to flash player. It does not metter if we add the “?webgl=0” parameter to the iframe URL, also the code inside the iframe seems to miss code for the Flash object.
    This issue is only for the Prezi Player API, the embed feature (code for the iframe to load the /embed/ page) is working, but we need the API functions.

Thank you for the reply. We believe that there is an issue with the Prezi Player API, because it does not fallback to the Flash player if webgl feature is disabled. We have testet this with multiple devices. There must be a difference between the “/embed/” and the “/player/” players. And yes, you are correct, if webgl is disabled you can load that URL and it will fallback to Flash (but we need the API).

Screenshot below is of the http://prezi.github.io/prezi-player/ page (it creates an iframe to: https://prezi.com/player/?oid=hp08thgs3ifs&explorable=1&controls=1). I am 100 percent sure that flash is available (because “/embed/” player and the editor both work). If i click the upgrade link it opens a popup with the adobe.com website telling me that Flash is installed.

My main concern is that it seems that the “/player/” player from the API does not have any fallback code anymore, there is no flash element… it is like the code was removed from the page and only the flash message remained.

I hope you could check the code for the API player and check if Flash fallback is still there and can correctly load.

yes ok but why? They could have given a legacy version for paying customers to work with. I am not happy with this! That flash fallback is missing was not communicated, it cannot be found in blog posts or the forum, very disappointing.

Could you tell me why they chose to break the flash fallback? Can they provide files for us to work with… anything?

Another issue is that the new player makes A LOT of http requests. This makes the player very slow. It takes between 10-30 seconds to load the presentation. Could you optimize this (perhaps disable logging or combine requests)

Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field. 

Much thanks to you for your understanding.

I have reached one of our designers and they have affirmed that Flash fallback isn’t there any longer. I apologize in the event that it is causing you any burden. http://www.gurgaoncompanion.com