Which documents are required to register for EDU?

What documents do I need to be a student to be able to purchase a student account?

Hello @mahdi.tasa, in case you have an educational e-mail you can directly register through here, if not, you can contact our Support team through here and send them some type of verification of your student/teacher status (student ID, class roster, mention on school website etc.) so they can assist you with starting an EDU subscription :slight_smile:

I wanted to know what is the Proof of educational status required? If we don’t have a educational mail will we be able to purchase Edu Plan?

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I was wondering what the verification method is for the EDU Plus License? Does Prezi ask for a proof of entry or something?

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Wish to subscribe to an Edu plus account but do not have a school email address. Contacted Prezi via facebook and was told I could send alternative verification to ‘support’. Sadly you cannot contact support unless you have already subscribed… classic catch 22? How do I contact support to provide the details if I am not yet subscribed please?

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