Which license do I need to download a presentation?


If you use prezi next online for free, you cannot download your prezi. Got it. But I have a standard license which I payed for and I still cannot download my prezi. How much more do I have to pay to download a prezi? Unbelieveable. Very disappointed.


Downloading a presentation comes with a Plus/Edu Plus license and can be exported from the Prezi Next desktop application. On this page, you can find an overview on the different license packages and the features they cover.

We are sorry for any confusion.


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So I just created a prezi next online but since i won’t have internet access at the presentation tomorrow, i wanted to download it as a portable prezi. Is there anyway i can do this without upgrading my plan? Its solely for educational purposes…



@Viva_Du downloading a presentation is only possible with a Plus or Edu Plus, I’m afraid.