Why are you making users pay for support?

It is unfathomable to me that Prezi is requiring users to have a paid subscription to get into contact directly with the company. I have NEVER seen this practice done and it’s a terrible way to do business. What is says is that if you don’t pay us $60 a month then you’re not worth our time and that mindset won’t get you anywhere. I’ve used Prezi for around 8 years now but from what I can tell from the disappointment of numerous users, your company is taking some major steps backwards. Having one person reply at random times in a forum is not providing support. Do better by your users. Unacceptable.


Sorry for the confusion @Dani_Wilson. Support is available to every Prezi license holder here on the forum, feel free to ask any questions, Prezi Support staff is here to help.

The problem is that forum and email support does NOT come at a timely manner. Dani is stating what more customers than you think are feeling. Prezi needs to rethink this policy. It took a whole MONTH for me to get an answer on another thread! It took 5-6 days for me to get an answer via email.


Well, I just paid $700 for support. So far I have left a VM - no call back yet (I will allow them more time to return my call), , and Chat is unavailable. “REAL TIME SUPPORT” is a load of crap thus far. I feel like I’ve just been scammed.


The good news: I got “real time support” within an hour of leaving a message.
The bad news: I paid $700 to learn “It can’t do what it used to be able to do.” Support can’t help, but will forward the issue to development.



@RobinsNest_Pro I’m really sorry if our support team wasn’t able to provide the service you expected. While we do our best to monitor this forum every weekday, an occasional topic might escape our attention, sorry to hear this has happened to you.
@Joli Please feel free to ask any questions you might have here in the community. It’s often the fastest way to get a reply.

The problem is mainly that Prezi has taken away the Classic support which our subscription has paid for over the years that we have been with you and now we have NO live or even forum support for Classic while at the same time you are making us pay for Next support (which we did not ask to upgrade in the first place) and yet are essentially being forced to switch and pay even more. Next forum support except for responses of “I am sorry, Next does not do “XYX”, sorry for the inconvenience.” has never really been in a timely manner. What is Prezi going to do to keep its Classic customers? Does Prezi understand how devastating BAD word of mount “promotion” really is? At this point, we will no longer promote Prezi to those companies or attendees of our trainings who ask what our tool is for presentations due to the fact that they cannot create presentations like we do since new companies cannot use Classic and that is what our customers are anticipating if they do sign up. They will not be able to do what Classic does. Is Prezi listening? So far there has been very little communication to customers as to what is being worked on since the lack luster rollout of Next.

We offer all Prezi customers access to our support services but provide different support service packages with our various license types. We regularly test these to bring you the best experience possible. Free license holders only have access to the forums, any service beyond that we call premium support. We call it premium, because it involves one on one correspondence with a highly trained member of our support staff.

The specific channels (email, phone, chat) that are included in your premium support package may vary unless a channel is explicitly associated with a license type on our pricing page or in our Terms of Use. It seems you may have had access to chat support during a time we tested this service with your license type. I understand you found it useful and miss it now, I’m sorry it wasn’t included in your premium support package in the end. That said, I checked your account and you currently have access to the following support channels:

  • Classic related issues: help request via email (premium support channel), Classic forum
  • Next related issues: help request via email (premium support channel), Next forum
    Next time you’re in need of assistance, our team is happy to help you out on any of these channels, and we are going to do our best to bring you the quality of service you are looking for.

I’m not confused. What I’m saying is that a forum for discussion of problems is not customer support. It’s a discussion. I understand that a Prezi team member checks the forum posts and replies with help and that’s great, but it does not replace one-on-one, individualized customer support. You can’t ensure that you see every post and the replies aren’t immediate. My frustration stems from being a long-time user and seeing the changes you are making that are clearly not improvements. I’ve never seen a company make their users pay to talk to someone on the phone or in a live chat. I hope someone is listening to these complaints and does something about it. Prezi is a great product and there’s not many comparable software tools out there. But it won’t matter how good your product is if you have no one using it.


We’re listening, @Dani_Wilson, posting on the forum is by no means shouting in the wind. Everything discussed in the community is channeled back to the product teams. Among its many functions, this forum serves as a great source of customer feedback, so please keep sharing your thoughts.

I would agree with you, Dani. I have brought this up several times and the only response I really have gotten has been that I have been “gifted” Prezi Next since I am a Classic Pro subscriber and if I want to get the support I once had with Classic (since that support is now also GONE) I can purchase it for $15 a month more. It is very frustrating when you are told that Prezi is listening, yet the response is the opposite. PREZI PLEASE LISTEN! I know Vera, that you have taken loads of frustrated comments, but the lack of communication BY the company to your CUSTOMERS in general and the taking away of all support from those loyal customers is causing us to look elsewhere even since we can no longer do many of the things that made Prezi so different than the others. Yes, I have mentioned this before too, but was it listened to before? I have no real indication that it was. It really does feel like we have been shouting in the wind. I am sorry that you and Vanda are taking the heat on the forum instead of those who have made the decisions that have frustrated so many of your customers.


Am I correct in understanding that Prezi does not allow users to ask for direct help through the chat or submit a request option if they do not pay for an upgrade? Like I can’t even ASK for help if I don’t pay? I’ve been using Prezi for over 10 years. I have dozens of presentations I have invested time in making…and with all the upgrades this last year, I can’t do anything with them. And now I’m finding out Prezi won’t even let me ASK my question if I don’t pay? Please someone tell me I’m wrong…

Hello @Jessica_Phillips, I’d recommend you to check the reply above.

Support is available to every Prezi license holder here on the forum, so feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:

That’s a flippant, automated response to my question, and it’s not really an answer. It’s ridiculous that I can’t get TRUE customer support after using your product for over a decade. I refuse to pay just to be able to ask my question and get a GENUINE response/help. An automated forum post is NOT customer service. My presentations that took HOURS of work over the years, will not be moved to a new platform. I refuse to use Prezi, no matter how great I once thought it to be, if I am forced to pay for real help when needed. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

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Why is it so hard to get any kind of assistance from Prezi? No way to contact support, no way to ask questions except through the forum?

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