Why bother with the app for iPad

Why wouldn’t you tell people up front that they can not display their prezi presentation to a group on a large screen if it is in an iPad? That makes the whole thing USELESS. Why bother. Making a presentation isn’t a hobby for most of us and I can just picture 22 people in a meeting room huddling around my iPad taking notes on the presentation… Don’t think so. It doesn’t matter how slick the graphics are if no one can see it.

when you connect the Ipad to your projector, what applications can you display ?
I heard there is only possibilities for diaporama and videos. Maybe it is an Ipad problem… (nothing to do with prezi)

Figures that would be the reply… It can’t possibly be a problem with Prezi, no way. It’s a little odd that iPad users are encouraged to use and even purchase the “pro” version of this program but even after you spend the cash on it, you can’t display the presentation you create to a group. Hmmmm. To a reasonable person, it sounds more like a problem with the program, not the machine that uses it. There were MANY iPad users who expressed the same concern. Don’t sell the software if the primary function of the program isn’t supported by your device. I have never purchased anything from any other software company that doesn’t specifically describe the compatibility in VERY big print and if it doesn’t work with Windows, Mac, etc. it is very clear so you don’t BUY it.

You can jailbreak your iPad and install an app that can VGA-out the iPad screen…

can’t you display VGA with the webbrother of the Ipad anyway ? I mean, read prezis on prezi.com and display the fullscreen, etc ?
you will have the navigator’s buttons but…

(I don’t have Ipad, but I’m interest for Ipad owners to use my prezis…)

I discovered this topic (http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…) where it is said that with Ipad2, preziViewer can be displayed on VGA output.