Why can't I access the Prezi Next desktop application?


Hi. I have a Prezi Pro license. When I try to upgrade to Pro Plus my PayPal details are rejected even though they are the same as currently set up!
I have downloaded the Prezi Next app - when I launch it I’m told I have the wrong license.
When I use Prezi Next in a browser, it says I am off line when I am not. Also the images and video insert is greyed out and can’t be used. (This is specifically what I need to test).


Hi Andrew,

please note that you currently have two separate licenses in your account. A Prezi Pro for Prezi Classic, and a Basic for Prezi Next. If you wish to access the Prezi Next desktop application, you need to upgrade your Prezi Next license to Prezi Plus. You can find further details about what this license type covers on our pricing page.

The offline mode error message might appear when there’s an adblocker running in your browser, could you please try if disabling the adblocker fixes the issue?

Please let me know how it goes, and I’m happy to assist you further.


You’re right. Turning off the add blocker has cured the issue offline and import issues.

I don’t seem to have the option to upgrade my Prezi Next license. There is no “Upgrade” option in the Prezi Next section.

Also - now I can import a PDF into my Prezi Next presentation I get this error code: CONVJOBFAIL.


Please send a support ticket to our Account and Billing team who’ll be happy to assist you in upgrading your license manually. You can submit the ticket on this link.

As for the error message, it generally appears when you try to insert an unsupported file type. What kind of PDF would you like to insert? If it is an image, could you please convert it to a different file type? Currently, we support JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF (non-animated).


Hi Vanda and Andrew,
Thank you for your help. I am having the same issue as Andrew.

I actually upgraded to Prezi Classic Pro with the intention of using Prezi Next offline. Is it possible to receive a refund and subscribe for Prezi Next Pro?


Hello @bluelupie, yes, of course.

I’ve forwarded your issue to the Account and Billing team, they’ll contact you soon via email and will assist you to change your license type.


Thank you, Vanda. I am very much looking forward to it. The “Mind Map” template seems to be ideal for studying medicine and when given access to the Prezi Next Pro Desktop, I will continue to recommend it to my colleagues.

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I’m having the issue and cannot upgrade my Prezi Next license. I upgraded my Classic license to see if that would help and now I think I’m just going to get charged for two subscriptions I think.

Please help, I would to use Prezi Next desktop.


@Nigel_Dias my colleague from the Account and Billing team is handling your case right now, please check your mailbox.