Why can't I assign colors to text styles?

Why can’t I assign one color to Title, another to subtitle, and a third to text? What is the trick?

I used to be easy. Select the font, select the color. Done. I guess that was too simple.

Hello @John_Medaille, if you access the Style menu inside the editor, you’ll be able to set your own colour palette, and your preferred font style for titles and subtitles. Please, check how you access it in this video example.

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

In the first place, none of what this “video” shows is true, and here’s an example:

In the second place, you have a different naming system for the styles and the colors. The type styles are named “Title,” “Subtitle,” and “Body,” but these terms do not appear on the “color palette” or in the video.

The question is how you relate specific styles (Title, Subtitle, and Body) to specific colors, unless you edit each and every text one by one. And why one would have different naming systems for the same thing is a question beyond me. I can only assume you hired a consultant, because only consultants do things like that.

My question remains: how do I related Title, Subtitle, and Body to specific colors?

And to clarify, on your palette you do not use the terms “title” etc., but “Topic” and “Subtopic” and text. Why different naming systems? It is a violation of basic human interface rules. Heck, it’s a violation of language standards.