Why can't I get chat or phone support if I have a paying license?


I can’t get in contact with anyone from Prezi. I have payed for the premium package and cannot contact prezi. I am not pleased.

Will I be paying for 2 licenses in the future?

Thanks for reporting this issue, Nena, we’ve let the responsible engineering team know about it, they will fix it as soon as possible. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused!

In the meantime, we’re happy to help you on this forum.


I have the same problem. While this forum is fine, I am needing to chat with someone and cannot. :frowning: It has been a very frustrating week since the launch.


Our contact page is fixed, now you should be able to reach our Premium Support Team with a Standard license (or above).


When I press “Chat support” it keeps telling me that I need a PLUS account even tough I have the Next Premium. Is this forum the only support we can get now?


As your current paying license is connected to Prezi Classic, the Premium license mirrors this license type in Prezi Next. Although it comes with some restrictions: you can use all the Premium features of the editor but as for support, you cannot use chat or phone channels as they are open for those users who have an active Prezi Next subscription. You can still submit a help request and the members our premium support team would answer.

That’s the reason why you get the pop-up asking you to upgrade to a Plus license when you try using the chat support feature, as it’s a paying Prezi Next feature and is not included in the Prezi Classic Pro plan. I hope it clarifies the issue.


Before the NEXT reveal, we paid for and received at least chat support. Now with NEXT you have taken away part of what our subscription was paying. No other subscription service that we also use charges support (at least chat support) as an extra fee that is close to the price of the subscription itself. This is just another frustration on top of the lack of migration from Classic Presentions to Next. It really feels like Prezi is trying to lose it’s loyal customers or they no longer value non-sales people customers. When we need support, we need support. It was frustrating but understandable that chat support was not 24/7, but it was there and part of the subscrition. Now we all that is availble for the same subscription price is trying to explain the issue in a non-instant interactive forum then getting a response 1 or 2 or more days from when the support was needed, but that time, we have either gone with another format or wasted tons of time figuring out the answer ourselves.


Chat support is a service we offer with certain paid license packages. For those Classic customers who didn’t purchase their Prezi Next license, but received it as a gift, we are unable to provide this service I’m afraid. Thanks for understanding.


A gift? We are still paying the same price for an out of date program called Classic and you took away the chat support that we had with our subscription away. It is NOT a gift when you upgrade your outdated program and then take away parts of that subscription but then expect subscribers to still pay the same amount. Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, etc do NOT make their current subscribers pay more just because programs have to be revamped due to technology advancements. This is very short sighted by Prezi. The choice is to stay with the outdated program with no chat support or pay more for the upgrade with chat is not seen as a “gift” for subscribers. I hope you see how this is losing trust in your loyal subscribers. This response took a FULL month to get a response. Why should we keep our subscription when we cannot get timely responses? What is the subscription really for? Yes, I am a bit irritated by your “gift” response as if you gave it to paying subscribers out of the goodness of your hearts even with Next being an inferior product outside of it having the latest tech. A “gift” would have been, “Becuase of your loyalty to Prezi, we are giving you the Next product along with the support you had with Classic Pro.” THAT would have been a “gift”. I assure you that if that would have happened the shortcomings of Next would not feel as short as they do now. My team keeps wondering who beta tested Next and why all the problems that keep coming up over and over again in the forum were not addressed before Next was revealed to the public. We DO understand that you are working hard at listening to your subscribers and changing Next as they let you know what does not work and even what does work. We hope that the next “upgrade” will come out quickly since we cannot stop to wait for Next to catch up with Classic.


I am also pretty upset about this. My paid account says it comes with Premium Support. But I cant call and get support!!! I called billing (the only number i can find to get ahold of someone) and they told me that for the nominal fee of $700 I can get support. Sounds like some nickel and dime BS to me. Thanks alot Prezi. You used to be cool.


So with this new subscription, we also have to pay an additional $15 for “live” tech support? Are there any other benefits for the $15?


Can you elaborate on where the $15 is coming from? I was looking into the pricing plans and see 3 non-edu options: Standard, Plus, and Premium. The Premium plan seems to be $40/mo more than Plus & includes additonal support. That’s a fair difference from the amount you mention. I am trying to understand in case my license needs change in the future.


@RobinsNest_Pro @Joli We offer a different range of support channels with each license type. I’m sorry if this is not what you expected.
Classic Enjoy and Pro license holders seeking Next-related help have access to email support (normally available only with paid Next licenses types), and this forum (available with all license types).

@Plastic_Ingenuity In order to deliver the best value and options to you, we are always testing new packaging options.


I am sorry, but this is not an acceptable response, Vera. It is becoming clear to us even by how Next was “rolled out” that Prezi has lost the value of their long-time customers by not continuing the Classic support that Classic customers were paying for and thinking that “gifting” an unusable new product will make up for it. NOWHERE does the Premium license state the restrictions that you say we are under, therefore by your license, we should be getting what Premium says we should get. If this is not correct, then Prezi should have 1) contacted all Classic (free-Pro) users and explain what would happen BEFORE the roll out of Next, 2) give Classic Pro users a choice to continue Classic and not use Next at all but the support that Classic Pro users were paying for, 3) offer Classic Pro subscribers Prezi Next Premium (since it offers the same support that Classic Pro did) at a GREAT discount to keep Classic Pro customers or even give Next Premium to Classic Pro customers since it is the same thing just with new technology. Other subscription companies have done and currently do this practice.


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