Why can't I insert a PDF file?

Doesn’t seem to take PDF either

PDF files should be available to insert into a Prezi Next presentation with the exception of background images, where PDF files are not supported for the time being.

Please let us know if you experience differently.

Is pdf supported now?
Otherwise is it possible to keep a good resolution in an image (jpg, png) when you zoom into it?

PDF files can still be inserted except for background images.

For sharp images, please reference this answer from a different thread:


Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately, importing pdf file as an image doesn’t work at all…

Could you please send me the PDF file in question via WeTransfer? Make sure to select Share > link. This will generate a URL link that I can download the file from. Make sure to copy and paste the URL into your reply.

Please find wetransfer link https://we.tl/AX83MgxDmO with my pdf.
I also have another question, do I need internet connection to play a presentation? Or is it possible to save it and play it with our internet?

“without internet”

Thank you for the link, I’ve just managed to insert this file into a presentation in a Chrome browser. Here’s a screencast:

Downloading a presentation for offline access is possible with a Plus license, this article explains the steps.

okido… I was using Safari, I will give it a try with Chrome!

That’s weird because I’d never run into any issues with the PDF documents in Prezi. Well, except one case when I thought that it would be better to place one page of a file as the background image, so it wouldn’t rotate and look larger as well as easier to read it didn’t work out. But have you tried to do so with the only one PDF document, or you have it tested with several ones? If the first so there are maybe some issues with the file itself, try to upload it to the editor like this one https://990-pf.pdffiller.com/ save as a new document and upload to Prezi again. I think it shall work

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I’m getting an “Invalid Image Format” error when trying to insert a PDF or SWF. Is that only available for paid users?

Prezi documentation claims both file types are compatible.

Hello @Alex_Colleran, in Prezi Next only PDF files are supported. Can you please send me one of these files? I will test it out.

Trying to use the attached PDF. I have the original vector files, just wanted a high resolution image I can zoom into.

Thank you!

(Attachment CAP-Game-Board-Edit3.pdf is missing)

Looks like your email server is also refusing PDF files.

Hello @Alex_Colleran, can you please try sending the file via wetransfer.com (choosing the option to send as a link, not by email)